Mauritius photo of Sun rising behind Rempart mountain over Tamarin bay

Sun rising behind Rempart mountain over Tamarin bay

Photography by Photographer Robert Momple
122 views  /  Date taken : Sun, Nov 13 2022
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Tamarin Bay is located in the southwest of Mauritius. This is where the village of Tamarin is located, famous for surfers and recently for stand-up paddle. Located just next to Wolmar beach and separated by the Black river, the village of Tamarin is a place which is mostly frequented by locals who meet at the end of the afternoon on the beach. It is a small and peaceful village on which the Rempart mountain keep an eye. Tourist activity is moderate and there are a few commercial centers and supermarkets. Here, life is peaceful. Tamarin beach is famous for its absolutely incredible sunsets. If the water is not as clear as its neighboring beaches (because of the river that flows in), it offers an incredible landscape. In the morning, you must go and admire the salt pans of Tamarin, and watch the women collecting salt at sunrise. They usually start early in the morning at sunrise. This is the only artisanal production that is sufficient to meet the needs of Mauritius. The bay of Tamarin is a nice stopover that should not be overlooked if you are in the west of the island, especially for photographers who can make unusual shots.

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Camera: Nikon D300 Lens: Nikkor 70-200 Aperture: f25 Exposure: 1/1000 s ISO: 800 Focal Length: 45mm HDR: no

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