Photo Editing Guidelines

Photo Guidelines

Photo Editing Guidelines

Should I edit my photo before uploading?

You should ensure that your photos are:

  • properly cropped and straitened (if required)
  • nicely composed, in focus and exposed properly
  • of high quality
  • edited using basic adjustments: saturation, contrast, brightness etc.
  • free from any border, watermark or text
  • not overedited

What are the dimensions of photo I should upload?

For any image, the size should be at least 1200px on the longest side.

For photos meant for downloads, images should be at least 1920px on the longest side.

Photo Properties

  • Maximum dimensions should be 5,000 pixels on longest side.
  • Maximum size should be 6Mb
  • Other recommended settings : 
    • Type: JPEG format (JPG)
    • Quality : 86
    • Color subsampling : High
    • Photometric : YCbCr
    • Progressive : On

FastStone image viewer

You may consider downloading FastStone Image Viewer for PC to easily downsize your images. The above settings can be set when saving your image. You may also consider using the "batch process" option if you have a lot of photos.

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