Top 10 most amazing & beautiful beaches of Mauritius

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Welcome to Mauritius, one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places in the world. You arrived here drawn by the beauty of the local flora and fauna, and you've probably also been dreaming of those gorgeous postcard-perfect beaches. We've created for you a comprehensive guide dedicated to the coasts that will never leave your heart and your Instagram profile!

Mauritius offers a thousand possibilities to tourists looking for a destination rich in history, nature and beautiful landscapes, all to be photographed. So it's no coincidence that Mauritius has become synonymous with dream vacations over the years. Magnificent waterfalls, temples, churches, colorful markets and French colonial houses surrounded by greenery: Mauritius is a constant surprise.

Those who come here will find a paradise for snorkeling, outdoor living or the right opportunity to immerse themselves in a spectacular family vacation with white beaches and crystal-clear waters. There is no single reason to visit the best islands in Mauritius, but we will provide you with several.

Here is our personal list of the island's most beautiful beaches, so you can be sure of a luxurious stopover when you step off one of our ships to this fantastic destination.

Top 10 most amazing and beautiful beaches of Mauritius

A generous nature, turquoise waters, an exceptionally mild climate throughout the year, not to mention its 330 km of white sand.... Mauritius is a tropical paradise with undeniable assets. Its postcard-perfect landscapes seduce travelers who swear by its dream beaches. Explora presents its Top 10 of the most beautiful beaches of the island for unique moments by the lagoon.

Belle Mare (East of Mauritius)

Located on the east coast, Belle Mare beach, the longest on the island, stretches over some 10 km of pristine sand, on the edge of a shallow lagoon with different shades of green and blue. Its reef being relatively remote, its calm waters offer an ideal environment for young and old to enjoy swimming, snorkeling or numerous water sports.

The sandy beaches of Belle Mare offer tourists a priceless paradise on earth. Imagine that you have just landed in Mauritius and you immediately go in search of a beach just for you. Belle Mare is a stretch of the white coastline that stretches from Palmar to Trou d'Eau Douce, all the way to Mahébourg, and offers an ideal place to lay your towel and enjoy the pristine beauty of Mauritius. Belle Mare is a place frequented mainly by Mauritians, who come here every weekend to enjoy the sun and the sea. So this is where you should come if you dream of a day at the beach surrounded by the local culture.

At Belle Mare, you can not only relax and take long walks among the ice stands, but also go parasailing, an activity that will give you extra thrills and make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Adventurers who want to take a break from the fabulous beaches of Belle Mare can put on a pair of comfortable shoes and venture out to climb Lion Mountain. The trail will keep you busy for about half a day and may not be an easy challenge for inexperienced climbers. The ultimate prize, however, is the fabulous view from the summit.

In addition to offering 10 kilometers of coastline to enjoy, Belle Mare is perfect for long romantic walks, jogging or just a day of relaxing in the nature of this incredible place. And if tranquility isn't enough for you, don't forget that just 15 minutes away is downtown Flacq, where shopping is a pleasure. Explore Belle-Mare beach.

Île aux Cerfs (East of Mauritius)

A few minutes away from Trou d'Eau Douce, Ile aux Cerfs is an emblematic site of Mauritius appreciated for the beauty of its beaches and its very dense vegetation. Its expanses of fine sand, its large filaos in the wind, its clear waters and its rich sea bed make it a fascinating place. The island is home to a magnificent 18-hole golf course and offers a multitude of water sports as well as two restaurants with varied cuisine.

Welcome to Île aux cerfs. This spectacular place is located near the coast of Mauritius and covers over 100 hectares of land. The name of the island is due to the presence of deer, which are no longer visible on the island. Although it has kept its name, the beauty of the beaches and the unspoiled nature that embellishes them make this place one of the destinations not to be missed during your spectacular trip here.

Known for its white sandy beaches, calm lagoon waters and the opportunity to try a variety of water sports, Ile aux Cerfs is perfect for the whole family and is the ideal destination for a day of sun, nature photography and sunbathing. The area is well-equipped with bars and restaurants to enjoy the whole day, without having to travel to get supplies.

The beautiful beaches of this island can be reached by boat excursions to be booked on site. Although it is a very famous place, when you arrive here, you will be sure to avoid the crowds of the most popular places, like Grand Bay, and instead enjoy a day of sun and sea in a relatively quiet climate. It is also one of the most beautiful places in Mauritius to photograph: don't forget to bring your camera! Explore Ile Aux Cerfs beach

Trou aux Biches (North of Mauritius)

Whiter and finer than on the other beaches of the island, the sand of Trou aux Biches is simply exceptional. Stretching over several kilometers on the edge of a clear lagoon, it offers a most pleasant swim with more depth, in a region renowned for its colorful seabed conducive to fantastic dives. It also has a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean and offers the most wonderful sunsets on the island.

If you are looking for a fabulous beach in an idyllic setting in Mauritius, you have come to the right place. At Trou Aux Biches, you can enjoy the beauty of a beautiful white beach and some of the activities that have made the island so famous. Trou aux Biches is actually one of the most famous places where you can dive and admire the sea bed, turtles and many other deep sea creatures. Come here if you are looking for a place to snorkel that is also suitable for the whole family. The presence of restaurants and facilities simplifies your stay on the beach, where you can linger while enjoying the comfort and care provided by mass tourism. Explore Trou aux Biches beach.

Le Morne (South-West of Mauritius)

In the south-west of the island, the Morne peninsula offers not one but several idyllic beaches, between long immaculate stretches and successions of small discreet coves, with the legendary Morne Brabant mountain in the background. This unique environment is enhanced by a translucent lagoon renowned for kite surfing not far from La Prairie beach.

A heavenly setting with a magnificent golf course on one side and a 3 km long beach on the other. Ideal for families, it offers many activities to fully enjoy the beach and the lagoon.

Le Morne beach is located in the southwestern part of Mauritius and offers guests an unforgettable view of Mauritius seascape and the Morne Brabant which is one of the most spectacular mountains of Mauritius. It is not as easy to reach as many other beaches on the island, but it gives great satisfaction to those who dare to reach it. In fact, compared to the rest of the beaches, there are always relatively few people here, so you can lay down a towel and enjoy the unspoiled, tropical climate.

The strong currents and winds you can encounter at Le Morne also make it the ideal destination for those who want to kite or paraglide. There are not many restaurants or bars in the area, so if you decide to come here, be sure to bring everything you need for a picnic.

If you came here to see the dolphins, you are in the right place. The expeditions that leave from the coast will take you to the animals' habitats to share an unforgettable moment in their presence. Finally the sea around Le Morne is also very well known internationally for Big Sea Fishing.

If you don't know how to spend your time after a morning at the beach, treat yourself to a climb up Morne Brabant, the famous slave route that also became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. The area is private and offers guests one of the most unspoiled and natural views in Mauritius. Take this walk if you love nature and also want to admire the beauty of some of the endemic plants of Mauritius. Explore Le Morne beach

Flic en Flac (West of Mauritius)

Formerly a fishing village, Flic en Flac is today the most popular and probably the most authentic beach on the west coast of Mauritius. Its caves and wrecks make it a favorite site for divers and its untouched lagoon allows for swimming in complete serenity.

The possibility to live a unique Mauritian experience in typical bungalows, a magnificent natural setting near the residential village of Tamarin.

Located on the west coast of Mauritius, Flic en Flac has established itself over the years as the second point of reference for tourism and local beach life. It may owe its popularity to the fact that this part of the island has developed more slowly than the others and still retains some of its original and unspoiled charm. In the past, and not so long ago, Flic en Flac was just a fishing village: today, it has been redeveloped as a tourist resort for upscale vacations. Flic en Flac attracts thousands and thousands of tourists every year, residents and from all over the world. What makes this spectacular place different is the beauty of the beaches: this is where you must come if you want to relax on the clouds soft sand, and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear water of an enchanted landscape. Enjoy 8 kilometers of coastline, ideal for water sports, long walks or, more simply, a day of sunbathing.

The waters of the area are protected by a coral reef that blocks ocean currents, so even children and less experienced swimmers can swim safely.

Come and enjoy the beach life of Mauritius and immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of its pearl beaches. Flic en Flac also offers all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay, such as great bars, restaurants, small stores, street food areas and water sports equipment rental facilities. Come here to try your hand at motorized activities, reef snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and diving. There is also the possibility that those who dive in these waters may encounter dolphins: some local companies are familiar with their habitats and will take you there, with equipment, for a small fee.

Flic en Flac is also the perfect place to stop with the kids, thanks to the presence of toilets, picnic or barbecue areas, musical events and shows. At the end of the day, as the sun sets over the horizon, enjoy a magical sunset and, if you have some time left, visit Flic en Flac, the spectacular tourist village where fabulous restaurants and relaxation areas welcome you with their dazzling beauty and modernity. Explore Flic en Flac beach

Blue Bay (South-East of Mauritius)

Located near the village of Mahébourg, Blue Bay's main attraction is its enchantingly beautiful ivory beach, caressed by the trade winds. Less frequented than other beaches in the region, it is considered one of the wildest and most picturesque of the island. It is an ideal place for kitesurfing and snorkeling thanks to its vast lagoon. See the beautiful sandy residences, composed of contemporary and sophisticated apartments. It is a perfect choice for travelers who want to stay in freedom in an idyllic setting.

Blue Bay is a small jewel set in the south-eastern part of Mauritius. Its beauty has been circumscribed by law and is now protected by the creation of a natural park since 1997. Blue Bay is one of the places of reference for all those who want to visit Mauritius and have to choose an itinerary while having little time to spare. Come here if you are looking for a place of peace and harmony, where you can fully enjoy the beauty of a preserved and protected environment. Located 10 minutes from the beautiful village of Mahébourg, Blue Bay offers one of the best snorkeling sites on the island. Come here if you are looking for a privileged place to admire the island's seabed and enjoy the tropical paradise where you have decided to spend your vacation.

In fact, Blue Bay does not offer the same restaurant and bar options as the other most famous beaches on the island. Come here if you are looking for silence, tranquility and serenity. From here, you can also go on a series of boat tours that will take you not only to the surrounding islands, but also to the local wildlife - like turtlesExplore Blue Bay beach

Pereybere (North of Mauritius)

Come and spend a full day of relaxation at Pereybere, one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Mauritius. Surrounded by incredible crystal-clear sandy beaches, Pereybere beach fits perfectly the description you would make of a postcard of this island. The area is located towards Grand Bay and is easily accessible as a location for high class hotels, villas, restaurants and large stores. If you can, come here early in the morning to ensure the best spots on the beach and a privileged view of the sunrise.

Pereybere is not a particularly tree-lined beach and the cost of renting an umbrella can also become very expensive in high season. Explora therefore advises you to find a spot near a shady plant so that you can enjoy the beach all day while taking the right breaks from the sun. Although it is a small beach, Pereybere is also famous for the tranquility and transparency of the waters surrounding it. The seabed is clean and sandy, beautiful to walk on without fear of injuring yourself with pieces of glass or coral. This place is divided into several sections: on the left side you can moor with small boats, while in the center there is an area lined with buoys where you can swim safely. The right side is dedicated to water sports, including kayaking.

Come here to dive or treat yourself to a wonderful day at sea, if you want to go snorkeling to discover the wonders of the ocean floor. You may have the opportunity to swim with small turtles or colorful fish. The area is surrounded by excellent restaurants that welcome you with all the necessary attention and make your stay a small paradise of comfort and typical local products. Pereybere is one of the most important attractions in Mauritius, so it tends to be very busy around noon. It is better to arrive earlier and take the best seats! This place is perfect for the whole family as it offers a wide variety of attractions. Explore Pereybere beach

Grand Bay (North of Mauritius)

This coastal area takes its name from the village located in the district of Rivière du Rempart, in the north of Mauritius. At one time, and more precisely around the 17th century, this area of the island was under Dutch rule and was called "De Bogt Zonder Eyndt", or "The Endless Bay". Now, walking along the beaches of Grand Bay, you can easily imagine why it was called that. And more importantly, you can easily imagine why this place has become the most important seaside attraction in Mauritius.

Grand Bay owes its popularity to the clean and spectacular waters that surround it and to the vitality of the towns that border it. In addition to offering all the facilities needed to engage in water sports, including sailing, swimming, windsurfing, water skiing and more, Grand Bay is also the ideal starting point for those who want to for excursions on Flat Island, Round Island and Serpent Island. Come here if you want to snorkel at all experience levels. Many facilities also offer courses to improve your skills, so you can dive more confidently and reach the reefs or wrecks that can be visited in the area.

Grand Bay is a family town, with facilities designed for all ages and needs. Enjoy the white beach that never seems to end and stroll along the shoreline to choose from a range of bars and restaurants that suit you best. If you go a little further into town, you'll also find a number of spectacular clothing, jewelry and textile stores to satisfy all your shopping needs. Finally, Grand Bay is famous for its incredible nightlife, clubs and bars. Come here if you are in Mauritius with your friends and want to spend an unforgettable night with good musicExplore Grand Bay beach

Gris Gris (South of Mauritius)

Change of scenery: here, the cloudy beaches are replaced by the roughness of the dark rock. The absence of a coral reef makes Gris Gris a fascinating place, where the landscape is unexpected. Located near the village of Souillac, Gris Gris is at the southern end of the island and owes its irregular structure to the winds that constantly whip it. The area is indeed known for the strength of the natural agents that shape it every day, and should be on the itinerary of any traveler wishing to discover something other than the typical white sand beaches of Mauritius.

If you come to Gris Gris, don't forget your camera. Also keep in mind that you won't be able to swim here: the currents are very strong and it's a good idea to stay on land, enjoy the scenery and maybe even a wonderful picnic in the wilderness along the most amazing cliffs of MauritiusGiant waves, angular cliffs that plunge headlong into the roaring sea and incredible beaches: Gris Gris is a wild and untamed place that is nevertheless visited every year by thousands of tourists fascinated by its incredible fame. At the entrance to the area you will find a sign dedicated to the origins of this fantastic place. Among the different features listed there, there is also a nice legend about the possible origins of the name "Gris Gris". Explore Gris-Gris beach

Mont Choisy (North of Mauritius)

One of the most spectacular beaches to enjoy a beach all to yourself. This is where the beauty of Mont Choisy comes into play, an area that is both easily accessible and incredibly beautiful. Its white beaches enjoy the shade of vegetation and a crystal-clear sea that is simply priceless. Just take a walk and you'll find a little piece of paradise all to yourself. Come here to enjoy the sunrise or sunset and dip your feet in the soft, irresistible sand. Relax in the sun and listen to the sound of the waves, or snorkel off the coast. You will also enjoy a wide variety of hotels in the surroundings. Mont Choisy is the perfect destination for your vacation in Mauritius! Explore Mont Choisy beach

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Beach of Riambel under heavy clouds


Waves reaching the shores during sunset at Flic en Flac


Collapsed wall at Pointe d'Esny beach in Mahebourg


Vintage wooden boat with mast in the bay of Trou deau douce


Aerial Photography of Bel Ombre turquoise lagoon


Aerial Photography of Bel Ombre white sand beach


Circular natural pool near Gris Gris in the south of Mauritius


Secret waterfall in Mauritius falling on rocky beach


Silhouette of Mauritian people at Flic en Flac beach


People swimming during sunset at Pereybere beach


Sunset through dried tree branches at Mont Choisy


Pereybere beach in Mauritius framed by leaves


Panorama of La Prairie & tide puddles on the beach


Jetty with orange clouds during Sunset at Flic en Flac beach


Jetty near Preskil Hotel in Mahebourg


Secluded rocky public beach place around Pereybere


Anna Public beach in Mauritius near Flic en Flac


Ile au phare (Ile aux Fouquets) island aerial view


Large polished black pebbles on seashore of Rivière des Galets


Rocky part of Blue Bay public beach


Sand texture created by waves during low tide


Low tide at Flic en Flac beach with La Tourelle Mountain


View from inside of Beach cave of Gris Gris beach


Long exposure of Flic en Flac seascape at night


Moderate long exposure photography of sea foam at la Cambuse


Lion mountain view from bay of Mahebourg


Colorful marine life with purple sea urchins


Natural pool and sea urchins at La Cambuse beach


Mauritian Picnic at Flic en Flac Beach


Goats walking on a beach in the south of Mauritius


Natural pool at La Cambuse rocky beach


Mauritian colorful beach food stall at Trou aux Biches


Beach of Mont Choisy lined with grass


Calm sea of Mont Choisy on a beautiful day


People in swimwear on the beach at Trou Aux Biches


Sea waves in front of royal palm hotel


Blue pirogue during low tide at Grand Gaube


Colorful stones on the beach between Flic en Flac and Albion


Trou aux Biches beach with boat in turquoise lagoon


Mauritian woman holding the sun in her hand


Sunset reflection in the ocean at Flic en Flac


Sunset cut in half by clouds at Tamarin Bay


Aerial view of Albion Pointe aux Caves lighthouse & cliffs


Starring at Grand Bay sunset & seascape in Mauritius


Long landscape exposure & dramatic sky of Pointe aux Piments


Seascape of Albion beach under dark clouds at sunset


World class sunset photography at Pointe aux Piments beach


Stranded wooden fishing boat at Bain Boeuf beach


Long exposure of sunset & beach at Mont Choisy


Long exposure of dead tree, sea & sunset in Tamarin


Cinematic view of scenic Albion rocky beach


Black rounded pebbles on beach of Riviere de Galets


Mauritian women walking on the beach of Albion


Long exposure of lagoon near Le Meridien Jetty


Sunrise at Belle Mare Plage Salt Hotel


Tree Silhouette with sunset at St Felix beach


Pirogue & reflection at low tide during sunset in Albion


Sun hiding behind horizon during sunset in Albion


Lonely boat at low tide during sunset in Albion


Dead & leafless sea tree at La Prairie


Silhouette of Couple kissing during Sunset at Riambel


Sunset between trees silhouettes at St Felix beach


Low tide during dusk at La Prairie beach


Waves at La Cambuse Beach in Mauritius


Uprooted tree at La Prairie during sunset


Silhouette of tree & people at La Prairie during sunset


Sunset at Telfair Garden in Souillac


Dramatic sky during sunset in Mauritius


Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice of Cap Malheureux beach view


Dramatic sunset at Cap Malheureux beach


Basket fishing trap at Pointe aux Piments beach


Pink sky during sunset at Balaclava beach


Flaming sky view from Casuarina hotel at Trou aux Biches


Yellow sunset & boats silhouettes at Mont Choisy beach


Clouds in fire in heaven on balaclava beach


Low angle sunset and sea photography in Flic en Flac


Fishermen going out fishing at Riambel


Beach view of Tourelle Mountain in Mauritius


Sunset and sun flares at beach of Blue Bay


Belle Mare coast beach aerial view


Pirogue leaning at low tide in Grand Gaube


Long exposure of island Seascape at ClubMed


Sunset and light beam at Wolmar Jetty


Bright Sunburst reflection in Pereybere Sky


Brilliant colorful sunset in Pereybere Mauritius


Golden hour at Bel Ombre beach


Golden hour after sunset of Flic en Flac


Long exposure of rocky Maconde beach


Dried leaves lying all over the beach


Branches supporting old pirogue upright


Man staring at sunset on La Prairie beach framed by leaves


Clouds hanging over Mont Choisy Bay


Long exposure aqua waters at Mon Choisy beach


Crystalline water of La Cuvette


Le Coin De Mire - Gunners Coin see through


Rock beach at Bain Boeuf


Two boats berthed on muddy beach at Case Noyale


Le Morne written on the beach of La Prairie


Gris Gris desert beach in the south of Mauritius


Pebble beach Mauritius


Pirogue overturned on the beach


Famous uprooted & leafless tree of La Prairie beach


Seascape view between volcanic rocks


Sunset at rocky shore of Pereybere


Aerial view of Riviere des Galets


Palmar Beach long exposure photography


Turquoise Rough Sea at Flic en Flac


Sunset with boat in Mauritian flag colors


Sunburst Magic in Pereybere Mauritius


Magical Island Sunset in Pereybere


Ile aux Cerfs beach drone photography


St. Brandon - Coco Island white beach


Mist during bad weather on La Prairie beach


Cyan colored fishing boat on beach of Grand Gaube


Anse Bouteille aerial view in Rodrigues


Paradise view of wild beach in Mauritius


Obscured sunset on the beach of Albion


Coin de Mire Island in natural wooden frame


Low tide & seacoast at La Prairie


Coin de Mire under the stars


Blazing Sunset seascape at Pereybere


La Prairie Tree surrounded by sea


Silhouette of people in the sea


Old oil lamp on beach at sunrise


360° of seascape & beach


Top view Maconde road & Rocky beach


Golden hour at beach la Prairie


Low tide at point canon beach in mahebourg


Savinia beach in south coast


Le Morne brabant view from La Prairie beach


Boat at Low tide in Mahebourg


Cows walking on the road near beach


Coin de Mire island from Pereybere


Le Morne mountain framed by leaves & branches


Natural stone pebbles on beach


Sunset under trees at Flic en Flac


Red flowers & footprints on the beach towards near le Morne


Foggy morning at Mahebourg Waterfront


Sunset @ La Cuvette Beach


Sea reaching rocky shore at La Cuvette beach


Baie des negresses rocky beach


View of Gris Gris beach from inside a cave


Aerial view of lagoon and villas


Albion beach near Club Med


Goats eating grass during sunset


La roche qui pleure Souillac bird-eye view


Pirogue on the beach of Grand Gaube


Blurred Close-up of sand on beach


Rivière des Galets rocky beach


Praying boat shaped structure in Grand Gaube


Sunset at Balaclava Beach Jetty


Albion Lighthouse from Caves


The Iconic Le Morne Brabant mountain framed at sunset


Old boat & Sunrise at Rivière des créoles


Dramatic Sunset sky vintage style


Milky Way galaxy meets the sea in Mauritius


Landscape photo of Milky Way on Mauritius island Beach


Wooden Decking next to turquoise hotel pool


Wooden Decking next to green bush at Constance


Paddle & pedalo on Constance Plage beach


Pedalo lying on paradise beach at Constance hotel


Turquoise sea water at Constance hotel beautiful beach


Most epic Mauritian restaurant on Constance Plage beach


Paradise landscape of lagoon and pool at Constance hotel


Beach, deckchairs & thatched umbrellas at Constance hotel beach


Constance hotel turquoise lagoon view under thatched umbrella


Calm turquoise ocean with relaxing canopy bed at Constance hotel


Belle-Mare Hotel Beach garden pathway


Constance hotel most amazing beach of Mauritius


Constance hotel top amazing beach in Mauritius for a swim


Constance hotel beach view under palm tree


Coconut trees & plants framed view of Constance hotel blue lagoon


View on wild unspoilt Constance hotel beach under umbrella


Amazing seascape of Belle Mare beach with boat behind green leaves


Green plants with blurred speed boat in background at Belle Mare beach


Belle Mare most beautiful seascape of Mauritius island


Constance hotel Belle Mare beautiful beach of Mauritius


Summer Sea background with Green leaves


Green plants pathway leading to the ocean at Constance hotel


Narrow bush pathway to access paradise beach at Constance Beach


Belle Mare blue turquoise Beach in HD in Mauritius


Belle Mare beach holidays in summer in Mauritius


Belle Mare beach lush tree on sea beach near calm ocean


Phoenix beer bottle on Belle Mare beach under blue sky


Belle Mare beach beautiful lagoon on east coast of Mauritius


Belle Mare beach with calm waves reaching the coast


Belle Mare beach wallpaper of waves reaching the coast


Belle Mare calm lagoon sea coast island wallpaper


Amazing sea foam reaching Belle Mare beach


Free Blurred sea view with seaweeds wallpaper


Hibiscus in bloom on Paradis resort beach


Paradis Coconut on Mauritius hotel beach


Drinking coconut water with straw on the beach


Beach Coconut laid on the seashore


Secret Mauritius luxury summer beach


Lagoon & beach of Le Morne with Brabant Mountain


Most secret and beautiful beach in Mauritius


Amazing Beach shoreline sparkling sea foam


Calm waves hitting golden sandy beach


Le Paradis luxury 5-star beachcomber hotel


Girl swimming in Hotel sea lagoon in summer


Seashore with Coconut trees on paradise beach


Reddish Sunset in peaceful beach lagoon


Single Palm tree with Sunset in background


Happy man on secluded beach during sunset


Hotel Stargazing on the beach and lagoon


Mauritius night sky on hotel beach portrait photography


Hotel Palm trees illuminated at night on the beach


Restaurant Table next to the beach lagoon


Beach Green plants with paradisiac turquoise lagoon


Top Hotel restaurant on the beach


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Turquoise lagoon for post-lockdown luxury travel


Thatched umbrellas on hotel beach


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Mauritius most beautiful lagoon and beaches


Heavenly view of best resort destinations


Mauritius beaches the best island beaches


Bottle Palm tree on sandy beach in Mauritius


Green Palm Tree leaves on paradise island resort


Girl from lagoon looking at Le Paradis hotel


Le Morne beach turquoise water with Brabant mountain


Cloudless Sky above wild desert secret beach


Lagoon sparkling waves close up hitting beach


Piece of Corals scattered on lonely beach


Cheers on the beach with glasses of cocktail and beer


Panorama photography of Mauritius beach and lagoon


Paradise view of exclusive African sea beach


Thatched umbrellas under sunny sky in Mauritius


Paradise Holidays in 2021 at Mauritius resort


Tropical Pristine lagoon and beach for vacation


Green palm tree portrait image under sunny weather


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Lagoon Seascape view under perched Veloutier beach tree


Tropical Veloutier beach tree next to azure sea ocean


Portrait of lonely thatched umbrella on lost beach


Luxury Holidays in Mauritius at 5-star resort


Yellow palm branch covering sea view


Impressive summer seascape with thatched umbrellas


Hotel beer glass at outdoor beach bar et resort


Bunch of green quenching coconuts stacked at bar


Chilled glass water bottle laid on hotel beach


Blurred seascape lagoon background tropical leaves


Beach plant Veloutier trunk and branches near the sea


Small leaves blooming on tree trunk on seaside


Most beautiful beach pathway for a walk


Mauritius Travel beach holidays photos tips


Island fabulous seafront beach promenade


Beach hidden behind close-up shot of green grass


Amazing pathway for a walk on an island beach


Pink Hibiscus blooming on the beach wallpaper


Amazing orange hibiscus flower at hotel beach garden


Le Morne beach & Brabant mountain UNESCO world heritage


Picture postcard seascape travel destination


La Prairie coastal road near seaside Mauritius


Green Railroad Vine beach plants


Woman standing in water and contemplating the sea


Blurred corals scattered on wild beach of La Prairie


Rare coral rock formation in Mauritius


Woman sitting in black swimsuit in shallow sea


Blurry waves reaching the seashore at La Prairie Plage


Woman sleeping at surface of clear water


Amazing exotic and idyllic view of Mauritius seascape


Strange white coral animal-like formation on the beach


Heritage C beach club at night with Illuminated palm trees


Illuminated beach garden with palm trees at night


Round outdoor lanterns hanging from wooden pole


Floating outdoor teepee tent bed on the beach


Fire eater show on the beach


Beach show at night with people watching


Amazing panorama view of sunset at Le Morne


Le Morne Brabant mountain in Mauritius landscape view