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Download Licensing

The downloadable photos are licensed under the Creative Common Licenses (BY) 4.0. The non-downloadable photos may not be saved, stored or used in any way and by any person who uses this website. However, the use of social media to share the links of the pages which includes the photo is most than welcome.

This is an agreement between Explora.mu and the user. The user also further referred here as the Licensee is defined as anyone who registers on Explora.mu in order to download and make use of the photos by any means.

Reselling / Reuploading / Ownership

Downloaded photos cannot be sold or relicensed to someone else. In cases where photos are used for commercial purpose for a client, the existing license is transferred to him or his entity. Uploading the downloaded photos on any other stock photo or wallpaper platforms is prohibited. Under no circumstances you should resell or claim ownership of any photo provided here.


Attribution is required for all downloads whether the licensee will use it for commercial or non-commercial use and whether the photo is used in full or partly unless a written consent is obtained from Explora.mu.

The licensee is required to provide attributions to the Author in the following ways:

  1. For web use such as but not limited to
    1. the use of the photo as is,
    2. the use of or part of the picture in any digital assets, graphical presentations,
    3. the use of or part of the picture in any video on the internet,
    the link to the Photographer’s page on Explora.mu will need to be mentioned. To identify this link, on the photo's page click on the photographer's name (right after the mention of "Photography by" found just below the photo on the bottom right side). You will need to copy and use this link to credit the Author in your publication.
  2. For video use which is screened (other than on the web) in which the photo or part of the photo is included, the licensee will need to include the mention of the website and the name of the Author in a way that these mentions are completely readable whatever the size the video will be displayed.
  3. For printing purpose, in which the photo or part of the photo is included (such as but not limited to prints & apparel), the licensee will be required to mention "Explora.mu" and the name of the Author in a way that these mentions are completely readable whatever the size the artwork is designed to be viewed. The format to be used : Photography by "Name of Photographer" on Explora.mu

Reverse Lookup

We perform regular reverse image searches to ensure that our photos are not used fraudulently.

You can read further about the Creative Common license here. In case of any doubt or if you would like to use the photos without any attribution, please contact us.

If ever, the use of the images of this website does not comply to the above the user understands that he is liable of legal actions.


Comments will be moderated before published. Explora reserves the right to delete without justification any comment done by any user. Spam, suspicious and irrelevant comments will not be tolerated. Do not provide sensitive information such as email, phone numbers etc. in the comment section. Understand that once comments are published, they are accessible to the public (and not only to registered users). The comment needs to be in plain text format and should not include links, photos or codes. Your comments should be done in English and bring value to the work of the photographer. Constructive criticism is accepted. Please be courteous, offensive and comments including personal attacks will not be published. Explora reserves the right to suspend user accounts who does not comply to the above. Explora will attend to the comments on a daily basis during week days. Please be patient. Do not submit the same comments continuously.

Explora reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. As such you are requested to consult this document on a regular basis.

Creating an account

Please note that users found to use multiple accounts to access Explora will have their accounts suspended.