Photographers of Mauritius

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We are proud to list here the Mauritius photographers of explora, they are listed as per the number of photos they have published until now. Without them this project wouldn’t have been possible. Go ahead and discover their respective portfolios of Mauritius landscape shots by clicking on their profile picture. Among the thousands of uploaded photos here, discover the best beaches of Mauritius, the top Mauritian hotels and the most amazing attractions of Mauritius.

  • Kurt François

    Available for hire Passionate about Landscape Photography and Piano composition. I'm also a professional photographer in boudoir…
  • Saleem A Sam

    I am a photographer from Mauritius. Passionate about landscape, nature and portrait photography.
  • Nashad Rujobolly

    I'm Nashad and Iive in Mauritius. MY CONTACT no-+230 5 756 2300.I love ❤ the beautiful places…
  • Grey Fox

    I'm Irfaan, photographer as a hobby and passionate about I do. Willing to learn from others as…
  • jonathan wozz

    Hi, I present myself my name is Jonathan. I'm a photographer who is completely a nature lover.…
  • Desire Lilyman

    Nature and Landscape photographer. Shooting with Nikon gear. Phone 230-58245605
  • Gino Pompee

    Am a nature and wildlife photography lover. 
  • Dillan st mart

    Welcome to my world of Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field. Nature…
  • Daniel Cheong

    Freelance photographer traveling the world to shoot and sublimate landscapes.
  • MovArt

    I'm not a professional photographer, I'm a doctor and nature lover - photography is my hobby. I…
  • Rishi Shirao

    Passionate about Photography. Check my Facebook page Phone: 57669221
  • Magen Mag

    Am not a professional but i cam click, eyes like shutters mind like lens 📷
  • Nav Dreepaul

    Hello am Navneet Dreepaul i've started my career of photography for the Ministry of arts and culture,Mauritius…
  • Antionette Van der Walt

    Passionate about nature, landscape, seascape & Elopements. Check my Instagram account for more.
  • Joseph Emmanuel Raphael

    Am a passionate photographer from Rodrigues island and would like to make other photographers from Mauritius, discover…
  • Ally Jounaid

    I started to learn photography at College Du Saint Esprit but never thought where it can takes.
  • Shakil kurreemun

    No description specified.
  • Durry H Pompé

    Motto :"Rather get it right on camera than fixing in post..." No Link provided.
  • Zaïrah Khedarun

    Hi I’m Zairah. I bring forth a true passion for capturing life’s moments through a lens. 
  • Urbini

    Passionné de photographies anciennes et modernes depuis mes 11 ans . Achète et vend pour des musées…
  • Isabelle Decotter

    I am from Mauritius and love taking pictures of our beautiful nature in Mauritius and other countries…
  • Audrey Cabon

    Amateur photographer exploring different style of photography
  • Fardeen

    I'm an amateur hiker/adventurer/photographer with a cellphone. Landscape Photography is one of my many passions
  • Steeven Fierjaun

    Hi am an aerial drone photographer and videographer amateur. Facebook or Instagram account not specified.
  • Christian Hardouin

     My name is Christian Hardouin. I will be 78 in April next Everyone is a photographer with…
  • Ritasha

    My name is Ritasha. I'm an amateur photographer residing in the East of Mauritius. Photography is my…
  • Kishan Narraidoo

    My name is Kishan and I was initiated to photography back in the late 1970s when I…
  • Louise J. Benoit

    Photographer of 47yrs and a member of the "Cercle des Artistes Photographes". Tel:54916264
  • Frederick Moulaert

    Old amateur photographer. Mainly shooting live concerts during the 80's & 90's. Still love photography today.
  • Manisha Mohabul

    Hi ! I'm Manisha, an IT professional. I'm also very passionate about nature photography.
  • Yudish Rughoo

    I am 20 years old. It's been 2 years that I am using a canon 800d to…
  • Kishan Gunnoo

    Outdoor dog photography, mobile shots. Check my Instagram for more.
  • lafaz

    Phone +230 59403655. Hobbyist, Aerial, Portrait photography. Check my Instagram account for more.
  • SmartHands

    Youth-led team that bring innovative ways to capture the beauty of our island.
  • Artesia

    Based in the south-east of the island, I’m a photography hobbyist who runs after the colours of…
  • Lion Kidz

    Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.
  • Kevin Nirsimloo

    I am a Mauritian/French photographer. I love to shoot natural landscapes but I take great pleasure in…
  • Tapan Gandhi

    Private Banker By Profession & Photographer By Hobby! Photos Clicked By Me - My Way Of Seeing…
  • Mookhtar Gookhul

    Life is full of vanilla. No Instagram, Facebook or web address specified.
  • Sylvio Jolicoeur

    An amateur photographer based in Sydney Australia. I do visit Mauritius annually. I am interessted with nature…
  • Maigrot-Comoz Aurelie

    Drone aerial picture and nature photography. No Instagram or Facebook account specified.
  • Olivier Maigrot

    Amateur drone photographer. No Facebook or Instagram Account specified.
  • Yuvna

    Just Capturing magical Moments and Beauty of the Nature is my Passion...Photograph by Passion..Yuvna
  • Sandy Naugen

    Photographer and Videographer @sgv cinematic
  • Farhaan Lalloo

    Photographer, graphic designer and video creator, Farhaan Lalloo have 5 years of experience in these fields, He…
  • Gilbert Carosin

    Hi there! My name is Gilbert and I'm a portrait photographer based in Mauritius Island. Over the…
  • Stan

    Hi there I’ m Stan ,I’m 22yrs I started photography 4yrs ago from now . I’m based…
  • Yohan

    Heyy am yohan & I live in Mauritius. No Instagram or Facebook link specified.
  • Yogtav Sahye

    This is YGTV from MRU I am no professional photographer, I just enjoy using my drone (Mavic…
  • Divz Mohun Sookun

    Nature lover. Amateur photographer. Check my Instagram account for more.
  • Girishwarsingh Chubbah

    I am IT person but I am very fascinated by photography of nature and doing adventurous things…
  • Adarsh Boodhram

    I'll rather let my captures speak about me 📸 check my insta for more

    I am an amateur photographer, I wanna be a professional one day :)
  • Fadil

    Mauritian born photographer. Main interests are landscape, nature and wildlife photography. +23057706676 
  • Praneshsingh Sujeewon

    My Name is Dr. Praneshsingh Sujeewon. I am an amateur Mauritian Photographer. I like to travel a…
  • David Pitois

    No description specified. Check my Instagram account for more.
  • Arshad R

    Hobbyist Photographer Gear: DSLR & Phone Landscape, Nature, Long exposure
  • Praiyass jugnarain

    An adventurous soul. Facebook or Instagram account not specified.
  • Gaetan Pitois

    No description yet
  • Jessen Perianen

    My name is Jessen, I have always enjoyed capturing simple things and making a moment of it.…
  • Pouven Pakkiri

    I'm young and passionate about nature photography. 
  • Mrinal Mossae

    Mrinal Mossaë 'A Wandering Soul'. His works are deeply inspired by his passion in travel & life…
  • Kevin Mahadoo

    Kevin Mahadoo | Amateur 
  • Ashley Haulkory

    Enjoys exploring versatile sounds, movements and colours sweating from natures's pores. Phone number 59413404
  • K-vin Ayassamy

    I'm Kevin, young dynamic professional photographer live in Mauritius Island. I like to explore and capture every…
  • Mykey Owen Arulandeedum

    Owen A. 23 years old Loves to roam and explore everything that surrounds us.
  • Emmanuelle Poché

    I am a freelance photographer, loves nature and wildlife
  • Kaushik Sungkur

    Enjoy the learning process. Learn more about my photography work in my link.
  • Yoven Chinasamban

    Like to capture the most memorable moments of your life making it worth remembering throughout the years.…
  • Bruno Khoodoo

    Mauricien, passionné de la mer, de photo et de vidéo, de nouvelles technologies. Je me rends très…
  • Frank M. Hinrichs

    Of German origin, lived in Germany, Belgium France, USA, Martinique, Tanzania, Dubai and now in Mauritius since…
  • Olivier Vos

    Love taking pictures of sunsets with my phone & landscapes with my DJI Mavic drone.
  • Anouchka Letimier

    New hobby and eager to learn.
  • Nooruddiin Ruhomaun

    Mauritian photographer and videographer. Insta : Nooruddiinx
  • Sachin Sooknah

    Sachin is a Marketing Manager with a flair for coordination in order to achieve projects on time. …
  • Twahir Nuckcheddy

    I am Twahir Nuckcheddy, also known as Teddy. A Photographer and Videographer based at Phoenix, in Mauritius. …
  • Udayesing Bheergoonath

    I am a professional in the financial services industry. I am passionate about photography since it gives…
  • JH Koncepts

    Amateur Mauritian photographer. #ZaferLaLokal 
  • Prashan Hemraj

    Nature lover, amateur photography with photos taken on Mobile phone. 
  • Nit Tin II

    Hello am NiTiN, 31ans, am from la rosa New grov, I have one year experience on photography,…
  • Basile Bezeguy Armance

     No description specified. Check my Instagram account for more.
  • Daniel Clarisse

    No description specified. Learn more about my photography work in my link (link not yet provided)
  • David St Felix

    It is all about capturing moments, wonders of nature that we usually do not pay attention to…
  • Anacooa

    I'm noah Anacooa. I'm a plane spotter and I'm mostly based in aviation photography.
  • Thanaullah Auckburally

    I was always fascinated by the world of Photography, like everybody I used to take pictures using…

    I do Photographs like a part time..but i really like to take photo and editing also. I…
  • Noah

    From mauritius Passionate about the flora around the island
  • Mataora

    No description specified
  • Alexandre Mocudé

    Hi everyone, I'm a French photographer living in Mauritius Island ! I'm went to ETPA, école de…
  • Khilesh Dindoyal

    Hello, I'm a passionate about photography and like to shoot with both cameras and drones.
  • Shirley

    Nothing special about me, I'm just a girl who loves taking photos of Mother Earth's wonders...
  • Vivek Chumun

    Born in 1994,in Maurtius, Vivek is what people would call an amateur photographer or self-educated. He never…