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About Smarthands


SmartHands is a group of five youngsters who paired up together during the National Leadership Engine a national competition organised by the NPCC, in the program we learned about leadership where at the end we can put into practice what we have been taught.

Our team is named as SmartHands, we choose this name as we all believe bringing innovative solutions using technology can shape a better future of what we want to achieve and in doing so its only in unity working in collaboration hands that we can achieve much in our society to help people’s life to get better. Our project is part of the National Leadership Engine where the aim is to develop a community-based project that will benefit every citizen of the island; we also considered bringing innovation in the project.

Our project title is ‘Bringing nature closer to you’, this is the challenge that the team of SmartHands have decided to undergo throughout this competition. Our challenge is indeed tough but realistic and achievable on the short and long-term run. Today with the advancement in the world of technology many new sophisticated tools are coming out to make life simple and accessible. For our project we are creating 360 degree videos at 5.6 K resolution and photos that can be viewed through our mobile application but through specific lenses that is the DIY Cardboard VR made of cardboard locally available that we can found as trashes on the road, our dedicated team members has put their creativity into reality where with those trashes beautiful things can be made, this idea is an innovative approach in Mauritius where we can capture both images and sound through our specialized camera, our aim is to record all the beautiful places in the island like mountains, waterfalls, nature parks, nature reserve and other remote places that people normally can’t have access to.