Challenge #1 - Natural Wild Forest

Challenge #01 - Natural Wild Forest

First Photography Challenge

Status : Closed

First Place : Water Flowing over rocks to Pond by Saleem A Sam

Challenge Terms

How to participate ?

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Please include Tag "challenge-01" when uploading your photo

Should include

Forests, trees, plants

Preferably : Indigenous forests

May include

Waterfalls, mountains

May not include

People or animals if they are the main subject of the photo

Vehicles or any other man-made object.

Exceptions : roads, wooden structure, natural walls or steps

Current Entries

Current photos in the challenge


The challenge is open for submission as from the 14th August 2021 09h00 until the 6th September 2021 at midnight. 7 extra days will be allocated for visitors to view & rate the photos. 

Designation of the Winner.

The 3 photos with the highest ratings & views will be shortlisted. Views are generated each time a visitor loads the photo's page. The winner will be announced on Explora's Facebook Group by the 13th September 2021. The winner will be designated by Olivier Vos from Watch 4 Sun (our sponsor). His decision will be final. The winner will need to contact explora within 1 month to collect his prize. The winner also agrees to appear on Explora's facebook page. 

Prize for the winner

An ADNA face watch with 2 interchangeable straps. More info on this amazing watch !