Le Défi Plus 2021 Explora News Article

Le Défi Plus - Press Article about Explora

Explora is a website entirely dedicated to the photography of Mauritius' landscapes. According to Kurt François, photographer and founder of Explora, visitors can search for photos, view, comment and give them a rating. The photographers are put in spotlight, as each photo is captioned with the name of its author. By clicking on the name of the photographer, the user can access all his images posted on the website as well as links to his accounts on social networks. The objective is to give visibility to these photographers. "The website explora.mu also allows the download of key photos for free and in high definition. This brings visibility to Mauritius when foreigners are looking for information. Explora is positioned at the top of the Google search engine from abroad. Explora will help, at least I hope, to convince tourists to come back to Mauritius and to provide more visibility to photographers who are experiencing difficulties with the current Covid-19 crisis, comments Kurt François in a correspondence to Le Défi Plus. The website has a search engine where users can type in keywords to refine their searches. Technical details about the photos such as the camera and lens used, as well as some settings, are displayed below the images. Explora allows users to share photos on social networks. Users can register on the site via their email addresses or through their social network accounts. Using Explora and uploading photos is free. The images can be used for illustrations.

Translated in English
Original Version in French here
Le Défi Plus
31 July 2021