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Explora, the new photography website

Download free landscape photos of Mauritius

Explora' is the new website, entirely dedicated to landscape photography of Mauritius, which allows free downloads, whether for personal or commercial use. Through this project, Kurt François wants, in these dark times, to give visibility to photographers and to our island to be known on the world map.

Photo of Kurt at Explora Office working

Kurt François is passionate about photography. Through his project, Kurt François wants to help photographers.

Explora is a non-commercial website. "I developed it out of a passion for photography. The goal is to make available to everyone photos that can be downloaded for free. And by doing so, we give visibility to photographers and also to our island when foreigners are looking for information about the country", says Kurt François, website developer and amateur photographer.

Indeed, this image bank, which has more than 400 photos since its launch in early July, allows to view and download photos of landscapes of Mauritius, including the sea, the mountains, the forest among others. And this, in high definition for commercial or personal use. For now, if Kurt François has fed the image bank with most of his photos, however, other photographers are also invited to join this project. "For example, a student can find photos to put in his project. The same goes for a company that can use our photos, which are also available in high definition. We only ask that the photographer's name be added (photo credit) so that the photographer's work is valued," says our contact. "Next to each photo is the name of the photographer. The visitor can click on the name of the latter to access all the photos published by this photographer. Thus providing visibility for the latter, because his link (Insta, FB, Web) appears on this page. This is a way to help photographers who, with the restrictions on events, are going through difficult times," he says. Visitors can search for photos, comment and rate them. And why not convince tourists to come to Mauritius.

The site has more than 400 photos of the island available for free download

Explora Mauritius Website Design Layout

To cover his costs, Kurt François counts on sponsors. "I don't know if one day we will be able to cover the costs, but we count on sponsors", says our interlocutor.  This project was born during the confinement. After four months, the photography enthusiast set up Explora. However, it is not long since he discovered the passion of the camera. "With a partner, I have a Photo Booth business. That's kind of what got me on the trail and I've become an enthusiast. I love the whole story that a photo can tell because each person interprets a photo in their own way. The camera makes us see things, emotions that we don't see. Not to mention that photography makes you dream and travel " confides the self-taught.

His preferences: landscapes and the Milky Way. Moreover, he confides that he can spend hours and hours in La Prairie in order to take pictures of the stars...

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By Nathalie Mungur | Le Défi Quotidien
02 August 2021

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