Casela Nature Parks

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The History of Casela

The story of Casela started with a fortunate event and the discovery of a treasure. Back in the 1970s, one fine day, during a visit to the sugarcane fields of Medine, in the region of Cascavelle, two former directors of the Medine Group unveil a treasure: a spring, hidden on a forgotten piece of fallow land and surrounded by centenary trees. The natural beauty of the place held them in awe. A magnificent garden with aviaries was created. The nearby ruins of an old house inspired its name “Casela”, from “la case la”, which means the house in Creole. The place originally meant for the Medine employees was opened to the public and inaugurated on the 12th of December 1979.

Activities & animals of Casela

A favorite of visitors from near and far Casela is the must-see attraction when coming to Mauritius; a place where families and nature lovers reconnect. The park is divided into several zones, each with its own specificities. The Predator Kingdom regroups lions, tigers, hyenas, cheetahs, serval, caracal and camels! The walk with lions and interaction with cheetahs are a life-time experience for visitors! If you want to have a taste of Africa, then do not miss the African Safari by bus or Quad where you will come across hundreds of antelopes, zebras, ostriches and 2 majestic rhinos! Breakfast with giraffe is one of the highlights of the park, where, clients can soak up the nature and enjoy a delectable breakfast with the world’s tallest animals! Pangia is the perfect place for an awesome family time! With its rides, carousels and petting farm, kids will have a blast. As for adrenaline seekers, they can take their visit to new heights at Thrill Mountain where they can zip across the canyons, walk on the Nepalese Bridge and scream to the top of their voice on the canyon swing!

Protection of endangered species

Casela is more than ever involved in the conservation and protection of endangered species and is home to White Rhinos, Bengal Tigers and Fruit Bats. The park also witnesses the births of several species at different seasons and we were proud when our adult giraffes gave birth to 2 babies on 2 consecutive years! Our Mauritian giraffes Nyota and Kamaria are enjoying their life at the park roaming around and feeding on acacia leaves! We are all about building sustainability for the future and will also have our own endemic garden in the near future.

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casela nature parks Photos

The Monkey swing carousel at full swing at Casela


The Little travelers merry-go-round at Casela at night


The Monkey swing at Casela park at night


WamWam restaurant at Pangia kids Casela park


Merry-go-round long exposure at Casela at night


Casela by night - Ride the Flying Hippos


Casela by night - The Elf tree


Sunset at Casela Nature park behind a spectacular tree


Sunset at Casela Nature park near Blue Bird Resto


Man made waterfalls at Casela Garden


Close-up of water falling in a stream at Casela


Successive cascade waterfalls in multi steps


Small artificial waterfall under pathway at Casela garden


Panorama of peaceful pond reflecting trees in nature park


Peaceful duck's lake surrounded by trees at Casela


Tiger on a forest tree in Mauritius


The Casela bus crossing a river


Amazing giraffe walking in the wild at Casela


Scary & dried leafless tree at Casela forest


Rempart mountain reflection in stream at Casela


Herd of zebras walking in the wild at Casela


Dazzle of zebras grazing in nature at Casela


A female lion relaxing on a branch at Casela


A white tiger walking in the wild at Casela nature park


White flamingo preparing to jump in lake at Casela


Zebras grazing peacefully at Casela nature park


Sliding upside down on dual zip lines at Casela nature park


Grey crowned crane walking at Casela Nature Park


Funny giraffe grazing at Casela Nature Park


Eland running in the wild at Casela


Impalas in lush nature during Casela safari


Coach sliding upside down on zip line at Casela


Lionesse posing on a tree at Casela nature park Mauritius


Young antelopes running away in the forest at Casela


Rempart mountain overlooking Casela Nature Park


Large rhinos grazing peacefully at Casela nature park


Brown tiger on tree in the wild at Casela nature park


Leafless tree in savanna after hit by lightning at Casela