La Prairie, one of the most beautiful beaches of the south of Mauritius

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The prairie takes its name from the green grass that borders the beach in the south of Mauritius between the mouth of the Cape River and the South West Point. This beach is not very suitable for swimming because of the currents, but it is very popular with families who come here to picnic every weekend in the shade of the filaos.

A green grass worthy of a golf green, a small beach with translucent water, filaos swaying, languidly, to the rhythm of the wind, an emerald colored lagoon... Welcome to La Prairie beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius.

Where is the beach of La Prairie?

It is difficult not to fall under the charm of the small beach of La Prairie by taking the magnificent coastal road of the south of Mauritius. The place owes its name to the short grass that grows right up to the water's edge, increasing even more the beauty of the place. The huge lagoon is a delight for the eyes, and many small charming corners allow you to isolate yourself from the crowd. Prairie Beach is located near the village of Baie-du-Cap, in the southwestern part of Mauritius. It is one of the many beaches of Mauritius located in the Savanne area. It is generally little frequented on weekdays, but increases significantly on weekends and vacations. It does not, however, compete with the most popular beaches of the island. Located between the picturesque village of Baie-du-Cap and Le Morne, La Prairie offers a magnificent view of the mythical mountain.

La Prairie beach lies about 600 meters south of Le Morne Brabant, along the coastal road in the south of the island. It is a public beach with a small parking lot which allows you to park on site.

Activities around La Prairie Beach

It is the ideal place to let the children play freely in the lagoon without worrying about possible dangers. The beach consists of a large sandy overhang that protects a small natural cove. At high tide, the water is rarely more than knee deep at the edge of the beach. The local villagers’ fish for small shellfish or fish for an appetizer at lunch time. On windy days, you can find kitesurfing enthusiasts preparing to take a big ride in the ocean. Easily accessible, La Prairie is also a great place to camp, and it is not uncommon to come across campers. The lazy ones will prefer to settle down comfortably in the shade of the filaos and let the Indian Ocean tickle their toes.

The Background

The region is a favourite picnic spot for local families from adjacent villages such as St. Martin and Bel Ombre, as well as the nearby larger towns of Chemin Grenier and Souillac, thanks to the magnificent Morne Brabant backdrop. With a few exceptions, most of La Prairie's beach is protected by the coral reef of the southwestern Morne. Most of La Prairie enjoys calm, shallow water year-round. The western part of La Prairie is particularly suitable for families with children because of the shallow, calm waters of the bay and the areas protected by the barrier reef.

La Prairie Beach Seabed

Near Maconde, on the east side of La Prairie, the coral reef is broken and the current is very strong. The seabed drops to a depth of 2,000 meters less than a kilometer from shore. These conditions combined with the wind around the bay make the area very popular with adventurous kitesurfers - but because of the break and the depth of the reef, the area is also popular with sharks... Always consult with local surfers if you plan to windsurf or kitesurf in this area.

The limits of this beach

As far as general beach facilities go, La Prairie is somewhat limited. Due to its remote location, there is no real infrastructure here and the facilities are largely made up of mobile vans. There are public restrooms near Macondé, just east of La Prairie. Because of its lack of facilities, La Prairie is a beach where you have to be a little prepared before you go, but that's what makes it so charming! It is worth the detour because it is one of the last great undeveloped beaches in the south, still in its "wild" state.

La Prairie, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island

It is not by chance that Mauritius is at the top of the list of the most picturesque beaches in the world! With its stretches of white sand fringed with coconut trees that stretch along crystal clear lagoons, the island has absolutely magnificent beaches with a very distinct charm. It also offers the possibility to get married in the heart of unique and atypical coastal landscapes.

La Prairie, perfect for weddings

So, if you're the type of person who would gladly forego high heels and go barefoot for your wedding on a beach in Mauritius, don't hesitate to plan your exchange of vows ceremony under a pretty arch set up on the beach. Then come your photo session: idyllic setting on a beautiful sunny day or at sunset, the lagoon as a backdrop, the horizon as the only barrier to your love. For the more adventurous, why not go for a "trash the dress" session in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean? And to end this magical day without having to leave the beach that will have seen your love become a reality, have a romantic dinner served on the still warm sand of the same beach.

The authentic jewel of southern Mauritius

And there you have it, we've taken a tour of one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius, to make your dreams come true. Little known by tourists, the beach of La Prairie is nevertheless a small jewel of authenticity and naturalness. Located in the extreme south of the island, between Bel Ombre and Souillac, La Prairie is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of southern Mauritius. Swimming is not recommended due to the strong sea currents. Nevertheless, the setting is ideal for sunbathing or a good picnic.

la prairie Photos

Milky way with beach landscape in black and white


Hibiscus floating in the sea at La Prairie beach


Le Morne Brabant hidden behind the clouds at la Prairie


Long exposure of La Prairie sea & dramatic sky


Long exposure of calm sea of La Prairie during blue hour


Faded color photography of fallen & submerged tree at sea


Fallen & dead beach tree at La Prairie beach during sunset


Sunset through dead tree branches at La Prairie beach


Flowers blooming under heavy clouds at La Prairie beach


Sunset reflecting in ocean at La Prairie beach


Kite-surfing in the blue lagoon of La Prairie


Algae all over La Prairie beach at sunset


Panorama of La Prairie & tide puddles on the beach


Dead & leafless sea tree at La Prairie


Low tide during dusk at La Prairie beach


Uprooted tree at La Prairie during sunset


Silhouette of tree & people at La Prairie during sunset


Man staring at sunset on La Prairie beach framed by leaves


Le Morne written on the beach of La Prairie


Crystal rocks on the coast at La Prairie beach


Famous uprooted & leafless tree of La Prairie beach


Mist during bad weather on La Prairie beach


Low tide & seacoast at La Prairie


La Prairie Tree surrounded by sea


Golden hour at beach la Prairie


Le Morne brabant view from La Prairie beach


Sun rays under coral rock formation


Red flowers & footprints on the beach towards near le Morne


Milky Way galaxy meets the sea in Mauritius


Landscape photo of Milky Way on Mauritius island Beach


Seascape View from La Prairie to Maconde


La Prairie coastal road near seaside Mauritius


Green Railroad Vine beach plants


Blurry waves reaching the seashore at La Prairie Plage


Amazing exotic and idyllic view of Mauritius seascape


Strange white coral animal-like formation on the beach


Rare coral rock formation in Mauritius


Blurred corals scattered on wild beach of La Prairie


Fisherman fishing near the sea at La Prairie


Woman sitting in black swimsuit in shallow sea


Woman standing in water and contemplating the sea


Woman sleeping at surface of clear water


Amazing panorama view of sunset at Le Morne


Le Morne Brabant mountain in Mauritius landscape view