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Discovering Mahebourg

Mahébourg, in the southeast of Mauritius, belongs to the district of Grand Port. This coastal town, whose vestiges of the past appear everywhere, as if it absolutely wanted to keep them intact so that they can be revealed to you at any time, is endowed with an undeniable natural charm. Picturesque, quiet, it promises you a most pleasant stay, allowing you to plunge into the heart of the local customs. Less known than the other important tourist villages in the north of the island, Mahebourg nevertheless gathers in one place all the attractions of the island. From the magnificent beaches to the most modern buildings, many developments have been made to make the city more attractive. Far from depriving it of its natural charm, they contribute to reinforce it, as you will see...

A city proud of its past

Discovering Mahébourg is to go and meet its past and relive its history. Indeed, the straight streets, as well as the numerous houses with typical architecture, testify to its colonial past. Its name itself comes from one of the most famous governors of the former colony, Mahé de Labourdonnais: in 1804, the Port-Sud-Est became "Le Bourg de Mahé". If the vestiges of the Dutch, then French, and finally British occupation stand out at every corner, some sites will reveal to you with more precision entire sections of the city's history. This is the case of the National History Museum, a former Naval Museum, mainly dedicated to the maritime history of the region, which recounts the naval battles between the French and the British. A visit to the Rault cookie factory will not fail to seduce you, captivating all your senses. Dating back to 1870, it manufactures the famous cassava-based cookies, whose recipe has been jealously guarded by family members for four generations. The visit will be accompanied by a tasting of the famous delicacy served with tea in the shade of the trees.

A village with undeniable charm

This quiet little town located in a very picturesque area of the island has preserved its history as well as its natural charm. Before arriving, you will already be enchanted by the captivating atmosphere of the roads leading to it, all in flowers, which will plunge you into the heart of local traditions as soon as you arrive in Mahebourg. You will visit an old typical village, discover the small authentic stores, stroll among the warm inhabitants guardians of the local customs, who will guide you to this typical place of the city: the covered market with stalls all more tempting than the others. But it is especially the big Monday market that you must see: the colorful stalls of fruits and vegetables with intoxicating perfumes, the exhibitions of linen of all kinds, handicrafts, musical instruments... constitute a true Ali Baba's cave whose treasures will fascinate you. You will taste, according to the seasons, the tasty letchis, pineapples, guavas... and will certainly not miss to try the local culinary specialities, like the dish of lobsters, in one of the restaurants of the city. More discreet than the big cities in the north, Mahébourg, a former fishing village, is also one of the most authentic cities, which has kept its picturesque character.

A village in the image of Mauritius as a whole!

Mahébourg is located in front of one of the most beautiful lagoons of the island, with a splendid sea bed, in a magnificent bay, dotted with islands and islets. Among these small lands that emerge from the sea, the Ile aux Aigrettes, a nature reserve, is definitely worth a visit. Cocos Island, located in front of Blue Bay, is a small exclusive paradise. You can discover the Marine Park, which is home to many species (including corals that are sometimes thousands of years old), which you can discover on board glass-bottom boats or by scuba diving. Moreover, the magnificent beach of Blue Bay allows easy access to the breathtaking beaches of Pointe d'Esny. It is the whole of Mauritius that seems to come together in Mahébourg: the vestiges of the colonial past, the beaches, the natural charm and the touch of modernity. Numerous establishments such as small charming hotels, 5 stars hotels, lodgings, guest houses and villas or apartment residences have taken up residence in the vicinity of Mahebourg. On the agenda for your stay: lazing on the beautiful white sand beaches, discovering the sea bed, going out to sea in the heart of the marine park, visiting the town of Mahebourg, its market, its museum, shopping, going to the casino, strolling along the recently developed waterfront where you can taste exotic fruit flavored ice creams while admiring the sunset over the warm and crystalline waters of the lagoon...

mahebourg Photos

Reflection of Sky at Mahebourg on a calm day


Mahebourg's Regatta near Mouchoir Rouge island


Aerial photography of Le mouchoir rouge island


Vintage Mauritius Mahebourg bay in black & white


Fisherman struggling on boat during bad weather at Mahebourg


Man walking with dog in the sea of Mahebourg


Waves crashing at Mahebourg during cyclonic weather in Mauritius


Mahebourg naval museum garden


Naval Museum in Mahebourg


La Chaux river, iconic spot in Mahebourg


Cavendish bridge over Riviere La Chaux at Ville noire


Pirogue out of the sea during Batsirai cyclone at Mahebourg waterfront


Mouchoir Rouge, a small island near Mahebourg waterfront


Basirai cyclonic winds at Mahebourg waterfront


Catamaran with Lion mountain in the background


Pirogues filled with rain during cyclone at Mahebourg


Fishing pirogues in lagoon of Mahebourg at low tide


Reflection of fishing pirogue tied at low tide in Mahébourg


Wooden jetty at Mahebourg waterfront over the rocky shore


Boats sailing during Regatta at Pointe des Regates, Mahebourg


Colorful sails for regatta at Pointe des Régates


Speed boats in the bay of Pointe Canon in Mahebourg


Sports small catamaran sailboat at Pointe d`Esny in Mahebourg


Collapsed wall at Pointe d'Esny beach in Mahebourg


Fishing boat in lagoon of Pointe Canon in Mahebourg


Jetty near Preskil Hotel in Mahebourg


Sunrise at Mahebourg waterfront during calm sea


Wooden boat reflecting during sunrise in the bay of Mahebourg


Man sitting under tree near old house in Mahebourg


Lion mountain view from bay of Mahebourg


Mahebourg jetty leading to the early morning lights of the sun


Mahebourg Sunrise behind clouds over the sea


Mouchoir Rouge island from Mahebourg Waterfront


Sunrise at Mahebourg jetty under clouds


Fisherman setting nets early morning in Mahebourg


Pirogue at Mahebourg with Lion Mountain


B&W photography of fishing boat in Mahebourg


Mahebourg jetty in the morning


La Chaux river at Ville Noire Mahebourg


Milkyway at Jetty in Mahebourg


Milkyway near Mouchoir Rouge in Mahebourg


Pointe Canon Vieux Grand-port


Silouette of mouchoire rouge island


Long exposure of sea and boat in Mahebourg


Low tide at point canon beach in mahebourg


The winter season in the lagoon of mahebourg


Starry night & seascape at jetty


Red Sunrise near jetty Mahebourg waterfront


Jetty at Mahebourg waterfront at Sunrise


Lonely pirogue in Mahebourg


Blue pirogues side by side


Unpainted wooden boat at sea


Old sank pirogue in Mahebourg


Boat at Low tide in Mahebourg


Boats in calm water in Mahebourg


Old fishermen boats in Mahebourg bay


Mahebourg Ville Noire Cavendish Bridge


Fishing net on jetty of Mahebourg


Reddish sunrise in lagoon of Mahebourg


Fishermen preparing nets in Mahebourg


Sunrise at Mahebourg waterfront