Mont Choisy beach

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Located in the northwest of Mauritius, Mont Choisy is one of the most beautiful beaches of the region with its fine sand and turquoise lagoon. A nice place for swimming and sunbathing under a dazzling sun.

The beach of Mont Choisy extends from Pointe aux canonniers to Pointe aux Piments, passing by Trou aux Biches. Locals and travelers alike come here to take a nap and enjoy the warmth of the lagoon, which is similar in every way to a huge outdoor pool. The beach of Mont Choisy is the favorite destination of tourists during a family trip. The absence of wind, rocks and corals makes it the ideal place for swimming. Here, no hotel comes to disturb the calm and serenity of the immense ribbon of fine sand. The beach is public and locals and travelers alike come here to jog to Trou-aux-Biches. Mont Choisy is a real postcard show. Almost deserted, the beach offers shades of colors absolutely wonderful. The green of the vegetation, the white of the sand, the azure blue of the lagoon mixed with the sky... The place is worth the visit.

The beach of Mont Choisy is also a place of celebration and gathering. The locals come to dance and it is not uncommon to see large festive barbecues organized there. The beach also hosts part of the International Kreol Festival, one of the most popular events in Mauritius.

Mont Choisy, two kilometers of powdery beach

The beach of Mont Choisy; one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius which is located in the northwest of the island. It is a very long beach that stretches from the south of Pointe aux Canonniers, whose beach is rocky, to Pointe aux Piments passing by Trou aux Biches. It is well sheltered from the wind (no wind or kite surfing). The beach of Mont Choisy is located near the village of Grand Bay, in the northwestern part of Mauritius. It is one of the many sandy beaches of the island located in the Pamplemousses district. The beach of Mont Choisy is one of the most visited beaches in Mauritius. For almost two kilometers, you will find no hotel, no bar and no restaurant! Not even a house near the beach? In one of the most populated areas of Mauritius?

Mont Choisy is situated right next to the chaos of commercial construction that lies northwest of Pamplemousses today. White sandy fun, crystal clear waters and not a single hotel in sight. What's the catch?

The white sand of Mont Choisy, but what else?

The beach is home to the same powdery sand and crystal-clear waters found in nearby Trou aux Biches, but where do the similarities end. Except for a small part of northern Mont Choisy, there are no splendid hotels here. No independent lodging or bed and breakfasts. No bars, no pubs, no restaurants. No nothing! Except for this two-kilometer-long white sugar beach with its shallow waters and sandy bottom. Besides the beach itself, the location is probably the best advantage of Mont Choisy beach. Just forest, sand, clear waters and tropical marine life in all its glory - and only minutes from the hustle and bustle of Grand Bay.

Due to the lack of hotels and other accommodations around the beach, there are few tour operators in the area. Although you will find the glass bottom boat, most of the activities here are organized from Grand Bay. This is the catch. It really is. If you can live without the convenience of Trou aux Biches' tourist services, Mont Choisy is certainly the place to go. The same beautiful clean waters, the same powdery sand, and also the same length of beach, but without the commercial life of Trou aux Biches.

The food on the beach

During the high season, you'll find several fast food stands, burger trucks, ice cream trucks and other mobile food vendors on the beach, especially on weekends. For the rest of the year, Mont Choisy is pleasantly quiet and free of the tourist frenzy of Grand Bay, Pereybere and other resort and restaurant areas.

The Mont Choisy Golf Course

You'd better hurry! There are plans to develop the area and turn the sugar cane fields into gated communities with two 18-hole golf courses. This would effectively reduce the public beach at Mont Choisy to a fraction of what it is today. In other words, it might be wise to seize this opportunity and take advantage of one of the last undeveloped beaches in northern Mauritius.

Stand up paddle at Mont Choisy

SUP, or stand-up paddle boarding, is one if not the most popular water sports on the planet. Stand Up Paddle at Mont Choisy is about paddling in one of the most amazing lagoons with crystal clear waters... The whole package! Get ready to enjoy this wonderful water activity and discover the beautiful landscape of the island in an ecological way. You don't need to be physically fit to practice this activity, the paddle is very easy to use. This is an original and fun activity that will allow you to explore the secrets of one of the most beautiful lagoons of our island and its popular beach. You will paddle standing in the turquoise sea water and be captivated by the calm. For maximum comfort and safety, life jackets and trapeze harnesses are mandatory. In addition, there are rescue boats on standby and on the lookout.

After your SUP adventure, you'll have free time to relax on the beach and enjoy the beautiful ocean view!

mont choisy Photos

Aerial view of tube ride in Mont Choisy lagoon


Turquoise hues over the beach of Mont Choisy


Splendid sunset behind the clouds at Mon Choisy beach


Sunset through dried tree branches at Mont Choisy


Heron on rock at Mont Choisy lagoon waiting for prey


Beach of Mont Choisy lined with grass


Calm sea of Mont Choisy on a beautiful day


Boats near fishing jetty in Mont Choisy


Long exposure of sunset & beach at Mont Choisy


Low angle photography of sunset at Mont Choisy beach


Yellow sunset & boats silhouettes at Mont Choisy beach


Panorama of sunset & boats at Mont Choisy


Sunset over the dark sea of Mont Choisy


Clouds hanging over Mont Choisy Bay


Long exposure aqua waters at Mon Choisy beach