Pereybere beach & village

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Pereybere beach may not be the largest, but it ranks among the most sumptuous in the country. Located in the north of Mauritius, it is highly appreciated by locals and visitors. It is a small and peaceful place with a white sandy beach and clear and translucent waters. A real postcard landscape! It is one of the most popular beaches in Grand Bay. On the spot, one has access to many attractive aquatic activities. This small beach has all the assets to become a reference in the field. The waters of Pereybère are recommended for swimming. The nearby restaurants also offer a variety of appetizing menus. The local people are very welcoming and sometimes offer gifts to visitors. This is the Mauritian welcome! From now on, you belong to the big family of Mauritius. In Pereybère, you have the opportunity to indulge in a multitude of activities and water sports. Whether it is pedal boat, windsurfing, catamaran tours, skydiving, parasailing, fishing or kayaking, the entertainment is varied and intense. You can spend a relaxing moment or get your swimsuit wet. Whether it's on the coast, on the sea or in the air, there's plenty to keep you entertained! The most tranquil will opt for boat tours while the most active will go skydiving, parasailing or kayaking. Thrills guaranteed! One thing is certain: in Pereybère, there is no time to get bored during a visit. Pereybère is one of the best places on the island for swimming. If you want to do more than just swim, go into scuba diving mode. Just equip yourself with your mask or snorkel. You will have a magnificent view of the marine life and the corals. You will notice that the aquatic fauna of Mauritius is exceptional. You will see incredible tropical fish with dazzling colors! Do not hesitate! Jump into the water. It is pleasant, fresh and crystal clear. The beautiful beach of Pereybère is located halfway between Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux. From there, it is easy to get to these beautiful and unique places. By its position, Pereybère is a strategic tourist destination. It allows access to the northern sites of Mauritius island in a short time. A pleasant starting point for your exploration of the island and its wonders.

Pereybère is a genuine settlement.

Pereybère, a small charming village only a few kilometers from Grand Bay, is a true retreat for vacationers seeking authenticity. Pereybère is well-known for its excellent public beach, which is less touristic than Grand Bay. It is also well-positioned for seeing Mauritius' most picturesque sights in the north.

Have you always dreamed of discovering Mauritius differently? Pereybère has the advantage of not yet being open to tourism. The beach of the village is mainly frequented by locals who enjoy a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere to swim in a cove with turquoise and crystal clear waters.

Pereybère's beach route is lined with modest traditional restaurants that are popular with both locals and visitors. In the center of town, there are a few bars that are lively both day and night and offer many opportunities to meet people. The village is atypical in that it is frequented as much by Mauritians as by foreigners. This superb mixture of culture that can be found at every corner is worth the detour.

A variety of seaside activities

Pereybère's beach may be modest, yet it has the appearance of a postcard scene. It attracts an increasing number of families seeking a change of scenery due to its beautiful blue lagoon and numerous aquatic activities. The place is particularly suitable for swimming and for the past few years, straw huts and deckchairs for rent by the day have been flourishing.

Pereybère's spectacular setting attracts visitors who want to enjoy large game fishing, kite surfing, and water skiing. Swimming a few meters offshore with a mask and snorkel allows you to see some brightly colored tropical fish. Scuba diving also allows you to see Mauritius' unique marine species, which adds to the thrills.

An atmosphere that encourages exploration

Pereybère is halfway between Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux, so you can get to either town in a matter of minutes. The settlement is also only 5 kilometers from Mont Choisy, which has one of Mauritius' most stunning beaches. Adventurers will not be left out when it comes to excursions, as the Bras d'Eau National Park and the Pouce Mountain are both close to Pereybère.

Comfortable and typical accommodations

No matter how you travel, in Pereybère you will always find the accommodation that suits you. From the simple and authentic guest house to the most luxurious hotel located on the seafront, the choice of accommodations in Pereybère is as rich as it is varied. While the Domaine des Alizées Club & Spa offers luxurious apartments that will give you maximum autonomy to discover Pereybère, the Demeure Saint-Antoine represents the best way to live as close as possible to the Mauritians.

Diving and other activities in pereybere

I recommend Octopus Diving Center, located along the main street, Ludo and his team are great and his boat is great. Dive with sharks, see a wreck or discover the coral reefs... If you don't feel like diving you also have some snorkeling spots, one of them located near Casita beach. The catamarans stop there when they can't go to Plate Island. It is far from being the best spot in Mauritius but sometimes you will be lucky enough to see a turtle...sometimes... Boat trip. Whether it is a day trip or a few minutes on a boat, you can find it all starting from Pereybere beach (although you will find more starting from Grand Bay). Plan a day trip to Plate Island on a catamaran, rent a pedal boat, try wakeboarding or buoyancy...No need to tire yourself out, just sit on your towel and someone will inevitably come by and offer you one of these excursions. As usual, negotiate. Where to sleep? Well, having already an accommodation this is not the part I know the most. You will find many offers on airbnb, booking or tripadvisor. However, I recommend the Toparadis hotel, run by a French woman and close to the beach. You can also rent a villa in the Oasis residence, small modern villas often with a swimming pool and Balinese style (for the one I had the opportunity to visit), little corners of paradise. Where to eat? Where to go out in Pereybere ? I put the 2 together because I have to admit that Pereybere is far from being "the place to be" for going out. You will find a lot of restaurants and ONE nice bar that organizes parties but otherwise you can forget the idea of nightlife in Pereybere. The bar is the Landshark which organizes parties at the end of the week, with very good cocktails to try in front of the sea at sunset. For food, try the restaurants in the main street.

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Pereybere beach in Mauritius framed by leaves


Secluded rocky public beach place around Pereybere


Amazing view of wrecked pirogue in lagoon at sunrise


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Brilliant colorful sunset in Pereybere Mauritius


Sunset at rocky shore of Pereybere


Sunburst Magic in Pereybere Mauritius


Magical Island Sunset in Pereybere