Mauritius photo of Waves at La Cambuse Beach in Mauritius

Waves at La Cambuse Beach in Mauritius

Photography by Photographer  Urbini
732 views  /  Date taken : Sat, Nov 27 2021
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Discover a beautiful beach in the south, surrounded by a lush and preserved nature. The beach of La Cambuse in the south-east of the island is a beautiful beach surrounded by a lush and preserved nature. To get to the beach, you have to take the road leading to the Shandrani hotel. The beach of La Cambuse is on the right just before reaching the hotel.

Then you will find a charming little dirt road with trees on both sides of the road after a few minutes you will find the beach. Near the beach you will find large filaos lining the coast, and just before the white sand of La Cambuse you will find veloutier trees. The Veloutier is a beautiful shrub with silvery green foliage, the Veloutier grows mainly on the seashore, the trunk is twisted and dried by the salt in the air. Its sinuous forms give an appearance of large Bonsai.

The white sandy beach is beautiful with a turquoise sea surrounded by greenery, swimming is not recommended, as the sea is usually rough with strong currents. This part of the south can be windy, but if you want to swim, you will find the right end of the beach, a body of water surrounded by rocks that looks good for a little swim.

Nudism is prohibited, but monokinis are accepted. The best time to visit La Cambuse beach is early in the morning between 9:00-11:00 or in the afternoon between 13:00-16:00

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