Mauritius photo of Roche Cari or Ros Kari with spices - The Mauritian cuisine

Roche Cari or Ros Kari with spices - The Mauritian cuisine

Photography by Photographer Ally Jounaid
72 views  /  Date taken : Sun, Dec 12 2021
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It is thought that the first Roche Cari was introduced by Indian immigrants when they arrived in Mauritius in the nineteenth century, continuing the handcrafted production of the masala from their homeland to which they were attached. The masala curry has been a famous dish among all Mauritians throughout the years, and there was a period when nearly every Mauritian family had a Roche Cari in their yard. It sat on a brick or concrete stand outside the house, frequently against a wall not far from the kitchen but never inside, possibly because it had to be washed after each use, but more likely because of the powerful aroma of spices it emitted. When placed outside, however, the curry's aroma never failed to reach the noses of the neighbors who would say "This smells so good! You're preparing a delicious meal today, most likely chicken in masala!" The purpose of the Roche Cari was to mix and crush a variety of spices, including cloves, ginger, mustard seeds, curry leaves, pepper, star anise, mint leaves, turmeric, cardamom, cumin, coriander, fenugreek, tamarind, cinnamon, and dried red chilies, to create an aromatic paste that adds flavor and enhances the taste of chicken, fish, and various types of meat. 

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