Mauritius photo of Big splash by large dangerous waves near tourist at La Cambuse

Big splash by large dangerous waves near tourist at La Cambuse

Photography by Photographer Saleem A Sam
573 views  /  Date taken : Sat, Dec 25 2021
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Waves of several meters near the shore on rocky part of the beach at La Cambuse. La Cambuse Beach, in the south-east of Mauritius, is a lovely beach surrounded by lush, unspoiled environment. To get there, take the road that leads to the Shandrani hotel. Just before the hotel, on the right, is the beach La Cambuse. After that, you'll come across a wonderful little dirt road with trees on both sides, and after a few minutes, you'll arrive at the beach. Large casuarina trees line the coast along the beach, and veloutiers can be found just before the white beaches of La Cambuse. The veloutier is a magnificent shrub with silvery green leaf that grows primarily along the coastline, where the salt in the air twists and dries the trunk. It has the look of a great Bonsai because of its twisting curves. Swimming is not suggested because the sea is generally choppy with strong currents. The white sandy beach is gorgeous with a turquoise sea surrounded by flora. This region of the south can be windy, but if you wish to swim, you'll discover a water area bordered by rocks near the right end of the beach. Nudists are not permitted, although topless sunbathing is permitted. Early in the morning is the finest time to explore La Cambuse Beach.

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