Mauritius photo of Rocks piled up in Nature at Black river gorges

Rocks piled up in Nature at Black river gorges

Photography by Photographer Zaïrah Khedarun
56 views  /  Date taken : Fri, Dec 24 2021
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Wide aperture photography of rocks. The (very special) art of stacking stones! Do you know the... "Stone stacking ?" Maybe you are a follower of this new trend without even knowing it... Defying the law of gravity by stacking stones to build (amazing!) sculptures... that's what stone stacking is! Also called "rock balancing" or "rock stacking", the discipline consists in placing stones of all shapes and sizes on top of each other to produce sculptures that are sometimes... abstract. Of course, cement and binders are forbidden! The stones must only be held together by balance and gravity. A Frenchman, nicknamed SP Ranza, won the European Stone Stacking Championship last April in Duncan, Scotland. An art that requires patience, concentration and a certain relationship with nature...

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