Mauritius photo of Aerial and miniature view of Creve Coeur village

Aerial and miniature view of Creve Coeur village

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The small community of Creve Coeur, located at the foot of Pieter Both mountain, is regarded for being one of Mauritius' most secluded, but also one of its most captivating. Nature's pure beauty, with its trees and vast views, is truly breathtaking. As a result, Creve Coeur has retained its old-fashioned elegance, and its residents have adopted a nearly primitive way of life. The location attracts a large number of visitors, and living is tranquil. The small community of Creve Coeur, which is 300 meters above sea level and tucked at the foot of the mountain range in Mauritius' north, has a population of over 3,500 people. The sweeping landscapes are spectacular no matter where you look... In Creve Coeur, the inhabitants are engaged in planting and many are farmers.  For good reason, at the foot of the mountain, the "karos" of flowers and vegetables abound and have become indispensable. The village dates back more than 300 years, from the time of the French colonization. Several families of settlers lived there and a sugar factory had been built. Today, only the old chimney of the factory, upstream from the village, in Notre-Dame, and some street names remain, which recall the surnames of the settler families who lived there. Crève-Coeur is separated from a sister village called Malenga by only a few steps. To tell the truth, if Crève-Coeur is located at the foot of the Pieter Both mountain, Malenga is located in altitude. It is enough to borrow some steps to make the comings and goings between the two villages. An easy and dynamic route. The inhabitants of the two villages have for habit to realize this course for purposes of exercise but also to admire from the top the beautiful landscape. The view of the sea on the horizon and the sugar cane fields of the northern plains is simply breathtaking. You can also see the Coin de Mire in the distance, discreetly framed by a dark blue. In the heart of this amazing nature, the inhabitants of Creve Coeur certainly lead a peaceful life.

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