Mauritius photo of Reflection in canal of illuminated Caudan Waterfront building

Reflection in canal of illuminated Caudan Waterfront building

Photography by Photographer Saleem A Sam
38 views  /  Date taken : Mon, Jan 10 2022
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The Canal of Caudan reflecting colorful light at night. An inescapable place when you visit the Caudan waterfront. The facades staged by light shape our night environment. These lights are used for orientation, create moods and emotions and attract attention. Modern lighting solutions for building facades should offer added value to architecture by improving safety, enhancing the value of the building or conveying a positive corporate image. However, lighting design requires a high degree of aesthetic sensitivity. Now, solutions must also be be sustainable, respectful of resources and avoid unnecessary light pollution. Some lighting solutions shape the architecture and emphasize the desired details by means of diversified flow control. They use efficient high-power LEDs that reduce the energy to achieve a good balance between aesthetic requirements and responsible use of resources. Its solutions are complemented by lighting control systems that can meet all requirements, from the discreetly illuminated monument to the front of the building.

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