Mauritius photo of Long exposure of waves and cliffs at Le soufleur

Long exposure of waves and cliffs at Le soufleur

Photography by Photographer Saleem A Sam
12 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Jan 13 2022
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Walk from La Cambuse to Le Souffleur, 17 km. For the launching of this new section on the site, the walks, we have chosen a walk that allows to discover a part of the wild coast of the South of Mauritius. Landscapes that change a lot from the fine sand and the quiet lagoon quite typical of the image that we can have of Mauritius. So it's a walk so there is no real difficulty, it's on a rather flat ground, on the other hand the distance is to be considered, it represents between 17 and 18 kilometers to make the round trip. The use of a GPS is not required, since the idea is to follow the coast as much as possible and finally, it is only after the "Bouchon" that you will have to go around the Brocus islet by passing by the cane, then to take again the coast at the level of the Natural Bridge. So the adventure begins on the parking of the public beach of Cambuse, there was a time when it was not recommended to leave your car without surveillance, this time is over and this beach is relatively frequented. From here, you just have to go along the side going to the west. You will not fail to appreciate these two small corners of paradise between the Cambuse and the Bouchon, completely preserved and which present all the ideal characteristics to camp, thus notice to the amateurs! If you are lucky, you will not miss to cross some animals, biquettes and cows, it is a little as if time had stopped there and it does not hurt to take advantage of the nature. From the Natural Bridge, to the Souffleur, you can appreciate this raging sea, these dark cliffs that the water has shaped over the years. An impressive sight reminding us how tiny we are compared to nature. Once at Le Souffleur, you can continue to follow the coast, you will arrive on a small cove that does not lack charm where you will probably meet fishermen and some curious people, a nice place to rest before going back the way you came. It is probably possible to continue further in the direction of Souillac, but the walk becomes much longer, it will probably be for another time!

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