Mauritius photo of Silhouette view of sunset at Port Louis

Silhouette view of sunset at Port Louis

Photography by Photographer Nooruddiin Ruhomaun
14 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Jan 13 2022
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The reason silhouettes are so appealing is that they are so open to interpretation. Think of the silhouette of a man sitting alone on a park bench at sunset. Is he sad and lonely because his wife has passed away? Is he relaxed and happy? Is he anxious about how much longer he will live and whether his loved ones will be taken care of? Are there any religious overtones? When creating this image, the photographer may be thinking about all or none of these subjects.  The interpretation is dictated by the viewer's state of mind. The viewer unconsciously projects their own hopes, fears and moods onto the figure. The reason for this is simple. Your brain is always trying to fill in the blanks of what it doesn't understand. In a photo like this, the silhouette provides a great unknown that we can't help but interpret.

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