Mauritius photo of Silhouette landscape during sunset at Trou Aux Cerfs

Silhouette landscape during sunset at Trou Aux Cerfs

Photography by Photographer Nashad Rujobolly
79 views  /  Date taken : Sun, Jan 16 2022
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Sunset from Trou Aux Cerfs crater at Curepipe. Trou aux Cerfs, a silent volcano! Ancient crater of 300 meters in diameter and witness of the volcanic activity present a few million years ago on Mauritius, Trou aux Cerfs in Mauritius is located on the road that goes from the town of Curepipe to Floréal. From the top of its 600 m of altitude, one takes pleasure in observing the panoramic view. Moreover, kiosks and benches are placed at strategic places to take time to appreciate. From this height, and thanks to an exceptionally well-cleared panorama, one can contemplate, for example, the Trois-Mamelles. It is even said that at night, and on a clear day, you can see the curves of Reunion Island in the distance. The volcano is currently considered inactive. At Trou aux Cerfs, a little walk awaits you, a fresh air and a little unexpected rain will often welcome you. But this is not what scares the Mauritians. Indeed, while walking around the crater, you will meet many joggers who will not hesitate to join this course from 5 am. You will appreciate especially to approach the hole by leaning a little. This crater is not bubbling with lava, but rather invites to reflection and quietude. The bottom of the hole is a small quiet lake. There was a time when a path was made to reach it at the bottom, at 80 m. A very nice man advised me not to risk it. The ground is apparently very slippery, and the visibility extremely reduced. I think that only initiated people can try it. Some places during the descent would be swampy, especially at the level of the lake, from where it would be very difficult to get out. Finally, the sportsmen can sculpt their body thanks to the solid sport equipments, placed at the disposal of all. Pull-up bar, rowing machine and others are there to complete the few laps of the track. 

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