Mauritius photo of Trimaran with people onboard in lagoon of Flat island

Trimaran with people onboard in lagoon of Flat island

Photography by Photographer Nashad Rujobolly
722 views  /  Date taken : Mon, Jan 24 2022
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A Trimaran at rest in the lagoon of Flat Island in the northern part of Mauritius. A trimaran is a boat with three hulls: 2 floats located on either side of a central hull that is larger but without a keel. The rigging is located on the central hull. The floats are connected to the central hull by linking arms which can be simple beams or be partly habitable. The anti-drift plans are generally located on the floats. This type of boat is mainly used for sailing and racing. This formula brings a certain safety in navigation compared to the catamaran: when the wind strengthens, the leeward float sinks and slows down the progress and it is necessary to overtake this type of sailboat to manage to take off the central hull. If capsizing is not excluded on racing machines, it is much less frequent than on catamarans. However, the trimaran formula is much less widespread than the catamaran formula: for a sailboat intended for cruising, the trimaran formula is much more complex and therefore costly to build, the size (width) is much greater - the folding floats formula applied to medium-sized models adds to the extra cost -, and its habitability is much lower, even if the arms can be stored. On the other hand, the trimaran is much more widespread in the world of sail racing, as the trimaran is more adaptable than the catamaran and its performance is significantly better, especially upwind and in light and medium winds.

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