Mauritius photo of Red hibiscus flower in bloom

Red hibiscus flower in bloom

Photography by Photographer SmartHands
657 views  /  Date taken : Mon, Apr 04 2022
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A tropical red hibiscus with vivid red petals growing in nature. The Hibiscus is a flower with many health benefits. Known to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and prevent kidney stones, the hibiscus flower is a great source of antioxidants used in many recipes and beauty products. Zoom on the benefits that hibiscus has on the skin, thanks to hibiscus oil, hibiscus flowers, hibiscus powder and finally a small recipe for Hibiscus infusion, good for the skin. Whether it is pink, red, purple or even yellow, hibiscus, this plant grown all over the world, in addition to being incredibly beautiful, has a large number of virtues.

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