Mauritius photo of Panorama & aerial view of Round island

Panorama & aerial view of Round island

Photography by Photographer SmartHands
106 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Apr 07 2022
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Round Island which belongs to Mauritius is unique and is located a few dozen kilometers from the northern coast, is home to the only endemic snake of Mauritius, the Keel scaled boa. Other endemic reptiles found there are the the Telfair skink as well as many species of gecko including the Gunther's gecko and the Ornate day gecko. There are also about 200 giant Aldabra tortoises. If they are not endemic to Mauritius, they nevertheless play a major role in the restoration of the endemic vegetation present, replacing the giant tortoise of Mauritius which disappeared long ago. This particular vegetation is composed of very rare species. There, we can find for example, the only wild population of the palm tree bottle. At its side: a large population of blue lataniers, the pandanus vandermeeschii, the native acacia, the wood of nail or the diospyros egrettarum, one of the 11 remaining species of ebony trees. The fauna and flora of the island has regenerated well compared to twenty years ago. The signs are positive whether for the plant’s levels or for the endemic reptiles. The island gives indications that it is recovering from its degradation over time.
Some very rare endemic species are regenerating much better there. The bottle palm has seen its population increase. It is regenerating on its own, which is a very good sign. And, since the vegetation is regenerating well, it's having a snowball effect with wildlife. There's more habitat for reptiles, which in turn regenerates better. This restoration is essential for the animals that live there or are passing through. Like the many seabirds such as the Red tailed tropic bird, the White Tailed tropic bird, the Round Island Petrel, the Bulwer's Petrel or the Sheerwater. The latter take advantage of the cliffs and the soil so particular to Round Island to repopulate.

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