Mauritius photo of Latanier tree closeup in Mauritian forest

Latanier tree closeup in Mauritian forest

Photography by Photographer Saleem A Sam
16 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Jun 16 2022
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Creepers all over a Latanier tree. Both aesthetic, this palm tree native to Mauritius is resistant and very easy to grow when you respect the instructions given on this sheet, it is one of the most appreciated houseplants. Its foliage is particularly elegant and original while its thick trunk gives a touch of exoticism to the living room, the living room or any other well-lit room of the house. In our climates, the Latanier adapts to the interior of our houses and apartments. It develops well when the temperature is around 20-22° and requires a very good light and even sun. Therefore, prefer the proximity of a window facing south or west in order to bathe it with maximum light and sun. If you live in a rather dark place, avoid buying a Latanier because it should not support too much the absence of light.

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