Mauritius photo of Wreck of the Tayeb near beach of Sable Noir

Wreck of the Tayeb near beach of Sable Noir

Photography by Photographer Gino Pompee
22 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Jun 02 2022
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Sable noir which translates to Black sand in English is a beach found at Canal Dayot which in located between Grande Riviere North Ouest and Cité Vallijee. This beach is characterized by its grey sand (quite rare in Mauritius). We can witness 3 shipwreck there. The 2 nearer (to the beach) remains of the ships are La Bouldana and Mary Lord. The furthest is the SS Tayeb Cargo ship which wrecked on the 12th February 1972 due to bad weather during cyclone Dolly.

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