Mauritius photo of Chandelier plant - Mother of Thousands

Chandelier plant - Mother of Thousands

Photography by Photographer jonathan wozz
263 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Aug 04 2022
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Kalanchoe delagoensis (Candle plant) is a plant species belonging to the Crassulaceae family (subfamily Sedoidea, tribe Kalanchoea) native to Madagascar. Its specific name indicates on the other hand the bay of Delagoa (today bay of Maputo) in Mozambique, all the same bordering South Africa, particularly the region of Swaziland. Formerly called Kalanchoe tubiflora or Bryophyllum tubiflorum (for the shape of its flowers), the Anglo-Saxons call it "Mother of Thousands" for its frantic vegetative reproduction due to its bulbils. It is thus in certain tropical and subtropical zones an invasive plant, it is also a toxic plant.

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Camera: NIKON D5300 Lens: 35mm Aperture: 3.5 Exposure: 1/800 ISO: 400 Focal Length: 35mm

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