Mauritius photo of 1864 Victorian Building at Powder Mills

1864 Victorian Building at Powder Mills

Photography by Photographer Praneshsingh Sujeewon
215 views  /  Date taken : Tue, Mar 28 2023
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This building is a 1864 Victorian building, found at Powder Mills Pamplemousses near the dialysis center of SSRN hospital. After 1810, during the english colonization, many buildings of victorian architecture were erected around the island. This picture shows a building which used to served as a hospital,  an orphanage and even as a court. Nowadays these buildings are abandoned but luckily despite our unpredictable weather in Mauritius, they still stood strong. At the back of these buildings, going deeper in the forest, more buildings may be found. They used to be powder factory, arsenal storage, prisons and administrative buildings. Unfortunately these buildings suffered from damages by people, who stole the basalt  stones for to sell them illegally. For me this picture is one of my favorite and i wanted to share its beauty. 

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