Mauritian Photographer Thanaullah Auckburally

Thanaullah Auckburally

I was always fascinated by the world of Photography, like everybody I used to take pictures using my mobile phone. The real contact was when I was assigned to do my Final year project for my Beng (Hons) Telecommunications, which I excelled. For that project it was necessary for me to have a camera, I started with a point and shoot, however this type of camera comes with several limitations which I was unaware of at that particular time. I had a friend at that time who already owned a DSLR for quite some time already and after having seen the pictures which he did, I saw the potential that the DSLR could offer, so a few weeks later I bought my first DSLR, an entry level Canon EOS 1000D.

Since I started photography back in 2010's till now, I still shoot from time to time since now, I deal in Photography / Videography equipment though a company called IT ARCHITECTS LTD which I started in 2014. 

I have also had several photo exhibitions over the years which were held at Le Caudan Waterfront, Trianon Shopping Centre and Grand Baie Coeur de Ville.

Long exposure of lagoon near Le Meridien Jetty