Mauritian Photographer Twahir Nuckcheddy

Twahir Nuckcheddy

I am Twahir Nuckcheddy, also known as Teddy. A Photographer and Videographer based at Phoenix, in Mauritius. 

I'm a self-taught, a real jack of all trades with a sincere passion for almost everything. Some major fields are Photography, Videography, VBA/JS Programming, Football Freestyler, and cooking. 

I have been taking photos and videos since 2010. Never with some high-end gears, but always with the minimum requirements. I've been able to produce some wonderful content (photos and videos) with some encouraging reviews from friends. 
I love keeping things simple in life and on set as I find it always produces the best results with the least stress. 

Being an introvert, I have never thought about showing my content to the world. I recently got a 4years old drone and got some encouraging comments about some videos and photos and got a click on my mind.

My goal is to show my great work to the public, if not to the world, at least to my beloved country. I always did everything with the same passion and dedication to each individual job to make sure everyone goes home happy! is a one-step out of the box for me. I'm looking forward to this exciting opportunity. 

For my videos and photos, visit my IG or FB account. 

IG: teddy10_0 | FB: teddy0I0 

Cinematic sky view at Palmar - Art of the waves


Aerial view from the natural pool of Palmar