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Photographers - where to start ?

Be a contributor

Why should I contribute?

Explora is looking for photographers to contribute and as such provides a platform for them to showcase their work and as such get more exposure to potential clients, it is also a way to share your love for photography to others. Visitors can as well comment and share your photos. You will have your own page (with a specific URL) where all your pictures will be displayed. Your page can also include a link to your website, Facebook page, Instagram account or whatever URL you have. This excludes links to commercial websites.

Can I remove my photos after publication?

Yes, we can disable you account and all your photos will be unpublished on Explora.

OK well! Where do I start?

Create an account using Sign In. If you need help follow these steps to register.

If you registered through the registration form without filling the Photographer's part or if you used the social logins, go to 'Edit my account' (using user icon), then fill in the Photographer's section. The activation of Photographer's account is done manually. Allow a few hours to 1 working day to get a confirmation email about that. Incomplete information may entail rejection.

Remember that you can update your account anytime using 'Edit my account'.

How can I upload my photos?

After confirmation that your photographer's account has been activated:

  1. click on the user icon, then on “Add new photo”.
  2. in the new window, type in an appropriate Title
  3. choose category “Photos”
  4. select the available tags and click on add. Please note that unavailable Tags might be added by moderators.
  5. include some contents relevant to your photo
  6. click on image Tab and click on browse to select you photo (ensure to comply to the image specifications for large images)
  7. In ‘Extra fields’ Tab, include your camera model.
  8. Click save when done. This process might take some 3m or more. So be patient.
  9. Once saved, you should get a message: “Thanks for submitting your photo.”
  10. The photo will then be submitted for moderation.

How long does it take for my photos to be online?

Generally, it takes 1-2 working days to moderate a photo. We need to optimize the photo for SEO i.e. for better visibility on the web and ensure that the photos comply to our policies. You can check the status of your photo on “Your Page”

If your photos are not accepted after submission, we shall try to provide a reason. Please take it a learning curve to make better photos and feel free to resubmit.

What kind of photos can I publish?

Some guideline, ensure that your photos are related to Mauritius and to either landscapes, animals, plants or portrait with landscape.

Should I edit my photo before uploading?

You should ensure that your photos are:

  • properly cropped and straitened (if required)
  • nicely composed, in focus and exposed properly
  • of high quality
  • edited using basic adjustments: saturation, contrast, brightness etc.

What size of photo should I upload?

For any image, the size should be at least 1200px on the longest side.

For photos meant for downloads, images should be at least 1920px on the longest side.

Can I edit my photos or contents after submission?

Yes, you can, in the menu user icon, click on ‘My page’. From there you should see the “Edit photo” button for each photo listed. Note that edited photos will be unpublished and resubmitted for moderation.

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