Mauritius photo of Red-sky sunset panorama with silhouette

Red-sky sunset panorama with silhouette

Photography by Photographer Steeven Fierjaun
685 views  /  Date taken : Sun, Dec 26 2021
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The position of the sun in the sky in relation to cloud typically makes red-sky sunrises and sunsets even more beautiful. When the sun is low on the horizon, beams of light bounce back up onto the undersides of clouds high in the sky, reflecting the intense orange and red hues that make the sky look like it's on fire. The eastern sky is more likely to be cloud-free with better weather with a red-sky sunrise, allowing the sun to shine on the higher cloud moving in with the deteriorating weather from the west. The western sky is more likely to be clear during a red-sky sunset, with the sun's rays shining up onto cloud further east. So remember the 'red sky' saying the next time you see a beautiful dawn or sunset, and you'll be an expert weather forecaster in no time! 

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