Mauritius photo of Pointe Canon view point at Port Mathurin Rodrigues

Pointe Canon view point at Port Mathurin Rodrigues

Photography by Photographer Joseph Emmanuel Raphael
1478 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Dec 30 2021
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Spectacular view point on the Bus Terminal of Baie Lascars Port Mathurin Rodrigues. Pointe-Canon is a tourist and historical destination on Rodrigues Island that should not be missed during a visit to the island. Aside from the colonial cannons, the village's primary attraction is the statue of Marie Reine de Rodrigues, which towers over the main town, Port-Mathurin. The location provides a panoramic view of the azure blue lagoon and allows visitors to observe the activities of this part of the island, such as the bus station, road traffic on François Leguât Street and the Winston Church Hill Bridge, and the unloading of goods at the MV Anna or Mauritius Trochetia's anchorage in the port. What is the origin of the village's name? The Royal Artillery deployed armed contingents to the island in 1940 to defend the "Cable Wireless." The cannon, which was located on a promontory, was supposed to keep an eye on the harbor and protect it. This "point" was appropriate at the time because, because it was placed on the heights of Port-Mathurin, it was a perfect location for scanning the horizons and detecting the arrival of enemy ships. Except for firing drills, the cannon was always on the lookout and never fired a single shot in defense... The site was recently refurbished by Rodrigues' regional assembly. As a result, the location has had a health course since last year.  Hard stands have been erected, and historical relics such as the powder magazines, which were previously used to store cannon balls and gunpowder, have been restored. Visitors will also be accommodated by three kiosks. The meteorological station's headquarters are also located in Pointe-Canon. The populace receives weather forecasts from this antique observatory dating back to the English era. Visitors searching for a nice read are encouraged to visit the "Alliance française." The location also serves as a gathering spot for French expats in Rodrigues to commemorate French National Day.

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