Mauritius photo of Peaceful house behind coconut trees at barachois of Roche Noire

Peaceful house behind coconut trees at barachois of Roche Noire

Photography by Photographer Anouchka Letimier
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A Barachois is a ledge located on the seafront of Roche-Noire. The term "barachois" means small harbor, shelter for boats. It was originally a small harbor or rather a kind of small basin where goods and travelers could be loaded and unloaded. The animals arrived by swimming and the passengers reached the pontoon by boat, generally soaked. This Barachois is today a long-vegetated coast bordering the sea of Roche-Noire. On the southeast coast, Roche Noire Beach lies a few kilometers from Poste Lafayette. A magnificent beach surrounded by volcanic cliffs, in a beautiful area of Mauritius, with calm seas and occasional huge waves. Unfortunately, the beach is not suitable for youngsters or beginner swimmers, but there are still certain areas where you may enjoy the ocean. Roche Noire beach boasts white sand and blue sea, and it is surrounded by lush vegetation. Roche Noire beach is located in a remote portion of the island, away from people and major tourism. Volcanic rock can be found on a large portion of the beach, and Roche Noire, which has a magnificent beach that has been undisturbed by urban development, provides beautiful spots for nature enthusiasts. Roche Noire Beach is still worth seeing, but swimming is dangerous.

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