Mauritius photo of View from inside of Beach cave of Gris Gris beach

View from inside of Beach cave of Gris Gris beach

Photography by Photographer Artesia
521 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Dec 30 2021
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Man starring at the beach from an amazing natural beach cave located at Gris Gris on the west side of the beach. Gris Gris Hidden Caves - At Gris Gris, in addition to the cave on the far-left side of the beach, there are two more beach caves. They are more difficult to get because you must descend a cliff and walk through water. Because the water level might change at any time and the current is frequently very strong, I don't recommend going all the way down. If you want to visit the secret caverns in Gris Gris, head to the edge of the cliffs just across the parking lot. Once you arrive, merely crawl down about halfway to see the caverns on your right. Remember that if the water level in the cave rises, going inside could be risky!

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