Gris-Gris, Mauritius : Amazing beaches and cliffs

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History & Location of Gris-Gris

Light years away from the sometimes excessive modernization of the northern coasts, Gris-Gris and the southern coast of Mauritius in general shows a wilder and still largely preserved face. Its rocky shores and cliffs are subject to the whims of the trade winds. The currents are sometimes ferocious, the waves stormy. The inhabitants of the South nest their hamlets in the sandy coves, in the brief lagoons that stretch from the Pointe d'Esny to Bel Ombre. South of Mahébourg, the coral gardens of the magnificent Blue Bay lagoon, a RAMSAR classified area in 1998, are worth a visit, as well as its marine park, to be discovered on a transparent boat. If we continue southward and Souillac, we reach the beach of Gris-Gris. Dominated by striking cliffs of anthracite basalt, it had seized the writer and poet Paul-Jean Toulet, who described it in 1886 as a place "of horror and fatalism, without sweetness." It is true that the absence of a protective coral barrier exposes this part of the coast to the violence of the currents. By following a path at the foot of the wild cliff, we reach the site of the Roche-qui-Pleure. The beating of the waves on the sides of the cliff gives the impression that it melts into tears, hence its name...

Rochester Falls

From Souillac, a 3-kilometer trek leads to the Rochester Falls. Basalt organs carved by the rivers dangle over a basin with cool water that invites swimming. The Rochester Falls, which owes its existence from the Savanne River, are another beautiful waterfall that cascades down a 10-meter-high basalt cliff. A 5-kilometer trail across sugarcane fields leads to them. Young Mauritians frequently wait for tourists at the very top of the cliff to perform a dangerous diving demonstration! Gris-Gris is one of Mauritius most magnificent vistas, located at the country's southernmost point.

The village of Gris Gris

The village of Gris Gris belongs to the district of Savanne near Souillac, a small seaside resort with a small village famous for its high altitude views. Gris-Gris is located on the top of a cliff where the sea comes down, an impression of freedom is given in Gris-Gris. The particularity of this village is to have very beautiful beach with very high cliff dominating the country. Many movies and video clips have been shot there. It's a nice place to have a picnic with your family, to go camping, to find the calm of the nature. Expect no 5* hotels here.

La Roche qui pleure

In Souillac the cliffs of Gris-Gris, the rock which cries The south of Mauritius reserves many surprises to those who take the time to discover it. The "roche qui pleure" (weeping rock) is located on the site of Gris-Gris to the east of Souillac. This part is not surrounded by coral reefs and the waves come to break on the cliffs (one would think one was in Brittany). It offers a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean that we are more used to see through its lagoons. We find there the rock which cries called so because the continuous beating of the waves on the sides gives the impression that it cries. And why is this place called Grey? A sign at the entrance of the place gives you the explanation, but don't think we are going to tell you here, you will have to come and discover it by yourself.

gris gris Photos

Aerial & long exposure of waves at Gris gris


Roche qui Pleure Aerial view


Green round pebbles on the shore at Gris Gris


Man starring at waterfall near the sea of Gris Gris


Panorama landscape of Gris Gris beach at low tide


Circular natural pool near Gris Gris in the south of Mauritius


View from inside of Beach cave of Gris Gris beach


Hand painted like photography of waterfall near Gris Gris beach


Gris Gris desert beach in the south of Mauritius


Gris-Gris dangerous beach in the south of Mauritius


View of Gris Gris beach from inside a cave


La roche qui pleure Souillac bird-eye view