Mauritius photo of Long exposure of cliff river flowing in nature in Mauritius

Long exposure of cliff river flowing in nature in Mauritius

Photography by Photographer Saleem A Sam
920 views  /  Date taken : Wed, Jan 05 2022
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River flowing quietly with blurred surface. Long exposure photography technique with dead tree acting as leading line. It is impossible to achieve a long exposure freehand. The use of a tripod is therefore essential! Depending on the shooting environment, it is also possible to secure your equipment with the elements at your disposal (a bridge for example) or use a bean bag (a bag filled with sand, rocks or other). The objective of this installation is to prevent the slightest movement of your camera during the shooting. The long exposure technique relies on a long exposure time during the shooting to obtain a motion blur. Thanks to this technique, the final result is more dynamic, more original, the eye is attracted. The long exposure applies to anything in motion, whether in a natural or urban environment. The water of the river and the clouds here. The photography of this kind of landscape and this type of technique is frequent in Mauritius given the number of similar spots that exist.

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