The most appealing rivers of Mauritius

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Most of the rivers in Mauritius are quite short and have little water. Many streams originate in the very rainy areas of the highlands and flow to the sea. They discharge large amounts of water only during heavy rains and occasional tropical cyclones.

The list of the rivers of Mauritius in Alphabetical order.

Rivière des Anguilles

The river of Rivière des Anguilles translated to The Eel River in English is famous for its bridge. Formerly made of wood, the bridge of Rivière des Anguilles was erected over the river during the British occupation and allowed stagecoaches and ox carts to cross it. In 1878, it was replaced by the present three-pillar structure. This 35-meter high stone building has a lush vegetation. The river is found in the south and bears the same name as the village where it is located.

Rivière Baie du Cap

Baie du Cap river sources its water in Chamarel and then flows towards the south-west at Baie du Cap village which is right after La Prairie beach and after Le Morne village which we don't need to present anymore. However, before the watercourse reaches the sea it forms an estuary near the Macondé hill which is located at the edge of the coastal road that goes along the river. This road which overhangs the scene along with the seascape of Macondé makes this place just one of most beautiful roads in the world.

Rivière Cascade

Rivière Cascade along with Terre Rouge river (which starts its course at Bagatelle dam) crossed the Motorway M1 in Réduit before they both meet.

Rivière Champagne

Rivière Champagne might be the first river ever discovered since it ends near vieux Grand-Port in the bay at Ferney where the Dutch first landed in 1598.

Rivière Citron

Rivière Citron stars its course at the village of Petite Julie, passing Mont Goût, the SSR botanical garden in Pamplemousses, Arsenal, to finally ends its course near the ruins of Balaclava. As such, this place accommodates a dense vegetation that some of the luxury hotels nearby share.

Rivière des Créoles

The river flows southwest for 13 kilometers, and empties into the ocean near the fishing village of Mahebourg. The bridge is near the road to Ferney and Grande Riviere Sud-Est.

Rivière Françoise

At an elevation of more than 170m, this stream is located near Bras d’Eau in the east of Mauritius.

Rivière des Galets

The river flows south and starts its course at Valriche Dam. It empties into the ocean at a splendid beach with which it shares the same name i.e. Riviere des Galets beach which is near St. Félix.

Grande Rivière Nord-Ouest

Grande Rivière Nord-Ouest river is famous for its bridge which links heavy morning (and afternoon as well) traffic from main towns and villages such as Albion, Pointe aux Sables and Beau-Bassin to capital city of Port-Louis. Grand River North West (in English) starts its journey in the Ravine of Réduit to end at Grande Rivière which is found just before Cité Valijee.

Grande Rivière Sud-Est

Grande Rivière Sud-Est is the longest river of the island. It also has a large water catchment area. Flowing from La Butte Chaumont, this river is fed by several tributaries. Its mouth is a funnel-shaped estuary, near the village of Grande Rivière Sud-Est and not far from Beau Champ. What a better way to end than feeding the most amazing sea waterfall of Mauritius. The Grande Rivière Sud-Est waterfall which has the same name as the river is usually visited by boat when doing the visits and activities of Ile aux Cerfs island. The boat usually come really close to the falls so that the passengers can truly experience it. The waterfall is also accessible from the road, a 5-minute walk through the small pathway after the round-about.

Rivière des Lataniers

This river passes through the Port Louis city. “La riviere Tanier” which is a french nickname of that river is also an old lullaby which was sung to children a long time ago.

Rivière Noire

The Rivière Noire, the black river literally translated in English, is the largest river of the island to meander so much through the rocky terrain. It is found in the west but starts its journey at Victoria waterfalls near Plaine Champagne to ends its course near Vanilla village at Grande Rivière Noire.

Rivière du Poste

Rivière du Poste river does not flow in the sea as opposed to the previous ones. It starts its course in the well known village of Riviere du poste which bears the same name and ends at La Flora. At some point the river crosses the borders of the district of Savanne to err in the district of Grand-Port.

Rivière du Poste de Flacq

Not to be confused with Rivière du Poste river, the river of Poste de Flacq is found in the east. This watercourse starts its journey near Camp de Masque and St. Julien d’Hotman. It passes the famous village of Flacq to meet the sea at Poste de Flacq with which is shares its name. Nearby you can find a very old lime kiln which is made up of stones.

Rivière du Rempart

The Rivière du Rempart river has its source near La Nicoliere and between Petite Julie and Brisée Verdière villages. It then flows through Amaury before joining Rivière des Chevrettes. It will continue its way through the Rivière du Rempart village before reaching the sea at Pointe Lascars in the north-east.

Saint Deors River

Thanks to the Saint Deors river we can contemplate the waterfall of Chamarel. Indeed, it’s the water from that river that feeds one of most amazing waterfalls of Mauritius. This watercourse is a small one starting and ending in Chamarel itself.

Rivière Savanne

If you have ever visited the Rochester falls then you have surely seen the Savanne River. This watercourse flows from the North to the south of the district of Savanne. This waterfall is known for its long vertical and rectangular shaped volcanic rocks. Swimmers will enjoy jumping up from the top.

Rivière Sèche

Rivière Sèche, the dry river translated in English starts its course in Phoenix and then passes Petit Camps, Trianon, Belle-Rose, Rose-Hill, Ebène and Beau-Bassin. Before ending its course in the Ravine of Réduit, the river provides a spectacular view in the form of a waterfall at the Balfour garden. Some decades ago in Belle Rose (opposite to what is known now as the Super U), the river would form a basin where housewives will wash their clothes.

Rivière Tabac

A rivière Tabac stream start its course at Mare Tabac where surely it got its name. It ends its course in the ocean in the south of Mauritius near Riviere du Poste.

Rivière Tamarin

The Tamarin river starts its journey on the highlands of Mauritius in Henrietta where the famous Tamarind waterfalls are. It then passes Yemen and joins Rivière du Rempart at its mouth just before reaching the bay of Tamarin.

Rivière Terre-Rouge

The Terre-Rouge river starts its course in the Terre-Rouge village at the foot of Pieter Both and ends near the Rivulet Terre Rouge Bird Sanctuary next to Roche-Bois in the North-west.

Rivière du Tombeau

In the north-west of Mauritius, Rivière du Tombeau ends its course near Le Goullet beach at Baie du Tombeau village. Village from which it might have been named. Having its source at Pieter both mountain, the second most elevated mountain in Mauritius.

List of rivers in Rodrigues

Rivière Baleine river translated to whale river in English derives its name surely from the village next to it i.e. Anse Baleine.

Rivière Banane river translated to Banana river in English is located in the south-east of Rodrigues and flows into the Tamarind Bay.

Rivière Coco flows in the South of Rodrigues and is next to the village which bears the same name.

Rivière Syganque also known Rivière Sygangue is a stream in the north of Rodrigues.

Rivière Pistache is known for its waterfall i.e. Cascade Pistache and is located in the east of Rodrigues.

Rivière Victoire ends its journey in the south of Rodrigues and is known for its waterfall i.e. Cascade Victoire.

rivers of mauritius Photos

Reflection of lush forest in river in St. Pierre


Mystic secret forest in Mauritius


Peaceful view of river finding its way in mystic forest


Blue water river flowing at Eau Bleue


The Casela bus crossing a river


Forest bridge & river at Riche en Eau village


Traditional "roche laver" in a river in Bambous


Water stream under Jacotet river bridge at Riviere des Galets


Where the river enters the sea at Baie du Cap beach


La Chaux river, iconic spot in Mahebourg


Cavendish bridge over Riviere La Chaux at Ville noire


Long exposure of stream flowing through rocky river in Tamarin


Long exposure shot of river at Black River national park


Clear & peaceful water stream in Yemen, Tamarin


Top view of Tamarind river from 7 Cascades


Small Stream flowing within rocks at Bois Cheri Forest


Long exposure of cliff river flowing in nature in Mauritius


Hand painted like photography of waterfall near Gris Gris beach


River flowing among forest of Black River Gorges


Amazing Cascade Deep river at Olivia surrounded by plants


Yemen Nature Reserve creek surrounded by trees


River at Hermitage running to Bagatelle Dam


Songe leaves at Piton du Milieu lake in Mauritius


Rocky forest stream in Mauritius


Large green leaves in forest near river


Reflection of hill & trees in river


Two dinghies on shore of Tamarin River


La Chaux river at Ville Noire Mahebourg


Fishing boats side by side at Le Batelage in Souillac


Dog posing on a rock near river


Children jump in Marmite river


Men swimming at Marmite River near waterfalls


Small stream in the forest


Trees tunnel above Eau Bleu river


River at Surinam near old mill Moulin Cassé


La Tourelle Mountain reflection


Creek at Black River Gorges


River flowing in forest


Mahebourg Ville Noire Cavendish Bridge


Small waterfalls in River of Reduit


Man made waterfall


Nature takes over old bridge in Flacq


Albion beach near Club Med


Plaine Sophie Nature Park


Eau Bleu waterfall


Mauritius river in Green Estuary with fishermen


Rocky River in the south of Mauritius


Riviere des Anguilles river flowing into the sea


Wild vegetation of the South Coast of Mauritius