Mauritius photo of Small Stream flowing within rocks at Bois Cheri Forest

Small Stream flowing within rocks at Bois Cheri Forest

Photography by Photographer Saleem A Sam
498 views  /  Date taken : Wed, Jan 05 2022
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The visit to the Bois Chéri factory retraces the stages of tea production. We start with the plucking, whose art is discovered directly on the estate's plantation, then we discover the withering and the fermentation, two processes that give Mauritian tea its so particular taste. The visit continues in the factory where the drying and sifting of the fermented tea leaves are explained. Then comes the moment of packaging, either in bulk or in small individual bags. To complete the visit of the factory and the Bois Chéri plantation, head for the estate museum. This museum details the importance of tea production in the 20th century. Photos, paintings and archives of the benefits of tea brewing are on display, as well as teapot production machines, 19th century tea sets and a host of other objects that take visitors back in time. The Bois Chéri estate is open every day from 9am to 5pm, but nothing beats a morning visit to see the factory in operation. In addition, it will be an opportunity for you to end your visit with a unique meal at the restaurant Le Bois Chéri. The establishment uses the tea produced in the factory to invent fabulous recipes, such as shrimps with exotic tea, chicken with green tea and, for dessert, sorbets and tea cakes. In Bois Chéri estate there is a forest surrounding the lake, where you can take picturesque photos.

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