Mauritius photo of The turquoise lagoon of Ilot Gabriel Island

The turquoise lagoon of Ilot Gabriel Island

Photography by Photographer Nashad Rujobolly
153 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Jan 13 2022
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Because the journey to the island ensures a real show. Gabriel Island is a fabulous nature reserve located in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Most of the visitors go there by boat. The displacement constitutes in itself a beautiful spectacle. There are so many wonders to contemplate along the way! On the way, you will pass by the magnificent Coin de Mire island which you can examine closely. Be sure to bring your camera. There will be so many pleasant memories to immortalize. It's a true paradise. Gabriel Island is a natural work of art: beautiful beaches with fine white sand, clear water and sunshine. The idyllic picture invites you to relax. On the outskirts of the islet, a coral reef can be admired by diving. It is worth mentioning that this piece of land offers an ideal diving environment. The water is crystal clear and swimming is pleasant. Once underwater with your snorkel, you will be able to contemplate the fish that live there. You really feel like you are in a giant aquarium! The island is a paradise sanctuary for nature lovers and you will find yourself immersed in a Robinson Crusoe atmosphere. It is the ideal place for scuba diving. The beautiful area is home to a world-renowned diving center called The Pit Shark where you can see sharks at Pigeon Rock. The best thing about Gabriel Island is the exploration of the sea floor. Its clear blue waters offer hours of observation. While immersed, you will find yourself surrounded by schools of brightly colored fish. A real delight for your retinas! Whether you are equipped with a snorkel or an oxygen tank, you will not regret the trip to Gabriel. The place is incredible! It represents a historical place. Gabriel islet in addition to its great beauty also has an incredible historical value. It is a privileged witness of the maritime adventures and migrations that occurred in Mauritius over the centuries. Its past intrigues and fascinates somewhat, as it is somewhat tragic. The island was a quarantine place for sick sailors at the time... Some never reached the main island of Mauritius. Even today, one can see the remains of the small cemetery where they were buried. We can also observe the remains of houses and a church dating from the previous centuries. The islet has not yet revealed all its mysteries and is full of secrets that are waiting to be discovered. Because it is part of a group of beautiful islands. Gabriel is part of the Mascarene Archipelago, a group of islands linked to the Republic of Mauritius in the heart of the Indian Ocean. It is close to the Plate and Round islands which are also true paradises on earth. Some people even say that Mauritius and its islands are the original model of paradise: the source of inspiration of God himself! Indeed, how can one not appreciate the island, its sun and its simply sublime beaches?

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