Mauritius photo of View of the Moka range mountains from the sea

View of the Moka range mountains from the sea

Photography by Photographer Nashad Rujobolly
669 views  /  Date taken : Sun, Jan 16 2022
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The Moka range Mountains by the sea near Balaclava. Resembling a "thumbs up" and located at 811 meters above sea level, Le Pouce mountain is part of the Moka mountain range and is the third highest mountain in Mauritius. Near Le Pouce is the 820-meter high Pieter Both, with its characteristic stone ball that seems to balance on its summit. You can hike these mountains from Saint Pierre and Port Louis, but always check the weather first and plan your hike accordingly. If you prefer to be accompanied by a guide, book with an adventure tour company. From the top, you have an incredible view of almost the entire island!

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