Mauritius photo of Fishing boat in lagoon of Pointe Canon in Mahebourg

Fishing boat in lagoon of Pointe Canon in Mahebourg

Photography by Photographer Nashad Rujobolly
512 views  /  Date taken : Sat, Jan 22 2022
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Pointe Canon in Mahebourg with pirogue near the shore and the Waterfront showing the Lion Mountain at the background. Pointe Canon in Mahebourg is a symbolic place that preserves a monument to a dark period in Mauritian history that was known for its slave market. Pointe Canon holds annual commemorative ceremonies celebrating the abolition of slavery on February 1st, as well as regular concerts. You can take advantage of the organized events to meet Mauritians strolling along the waterfront and to take pictures of the Lion Mountain and the Grand Port mountain range on the one hand, and of the Mouchoir Rouge islet and the Ile aux Aigrettes on the other. It also signals the start of regattas, in which brightly colored pirogues are piloted with speed and skill by their proud crews, who go from all over the island to engage in this friendly competition on the lovely lagoon.


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