Mauritius photo of Nature Photography of Sept Cascades in Henrietta Vacoas

Nature Photography of Sept Cascades in Henrietta Vacoas

Photography by Photographer Nashad Rujobolly
574 views  /  Date taken : Mon, Jan 24 2022
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The 7 waterfalls, also called the Tamarin waterfalls, represent a truly mythical excursion in Mauritius and it is true that the place is totally unmissable. You can venture there for a hike, but it can also be abseiling, many operators offer activities and on site you can find many guides. There are 2 main circuits, the first 4 waterfalls which according to the guides are equivalent to half a day and the 7 waterfalls which again according to the guides are equivalent to a day. However, in reality, the complete route of the 7 waterfalls, excluding swimming and breaks, will take you at most 4 hours. The hike starts near the restaurant and lodges which is called 7 cascades. You can of course take the route in the other direction, going up the 7 cascades, rather than going down, but the charm is slightly different. If you want to fully enjoy the place and take a swim, it is wiser to go during the warm season, from November to March. Beware, however, that if there are heavy rains in the days leading up to your hike, there is little chance that you will be able to complete the hike, as the Tamarin River may be in flood. Relying on a guide is absolutely not necessary to do the entire route, however local guides are not excessive in terms of cost, they secure your progress and are a mine of information that nicely completes the visit. The routes between each waterfall are marked out, so you can easily find your way around. The place speaks for itself, it is really a small wonder, it is difficult not to be blown away by the beauty of the waterfalls, the magic of nature. It is a particularly rejuvenating place, which explains its success and the large number of visitors who come here every day. It is perhaps one of the points that we regretted the most, a little like Le Morne or Le Pouce, the affluence is a little too important. It is a hike with a moderate level of difficulty, rather simple, but its duration and the fact that it is slippery in places, requires a minimum of effort. It is a hike that takes place most of the time in the shade, however the pools at the foot of the waterfalls are in the sun, so bring sunscreen if you intend to swim. The mosquito repellent will be a pleasant companion when you progress in the wooded and humid areas. If you choose the 7 waterfalls route, once you reach the last waterfall, continue your progress and go back up a path that will take you directly back to the village of Henrietta.

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