Mauritius photo of Sports small catamaran sailboat at Pointe d`Esny in Mahebourg

Sports small catamaran sailboat at Pointe d`Esny in Mahebourg

Photography by Photographer Nashad Rujobolly
659 views  /  Date taken : Mon, Jan 24 2022
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A sport catamaran is a light and fast two-hull sailing boat. It does not have a cabin and usually carries one to three people for short periods of time. It is used for recreational or competitive sailing and can also be used for coastal raids. The sportier versions are equipped with trapezes to improve performance. Like most sailing boats today, there are sport catamarans equipped with foils. To choose the sport catamaran best suited to your needs, you need to consider several elements. Whether you are just starting out or are already experienced in catamaran sailing, you will need to review the points mentioned in this guide. Your choice of sport catamaran will depend not only on the use you wish to make of it and the number of people sailing, but also on the configuration with or without trapeze, the type of sails and the type of appendages. The choice of a sport catamaran depends largely on the intended use. There are three main programs: leisure, competition and coastal raid. Leisure sport catamaran: intended for a wide public, beginners, children and adults can enjoy this practice. Sport catamarans designed for leisure use are fairly easy to use with basic sail settings. In general, they do not have trapezes. In Mauritius, many tourists usually rent them on beaches like at Pointe d'Esny. Regatta sport catamaran is intended for experienced sailors. These boats are used to race on courses marked out by buoys or natural obstacles with the objective of being as fast as possible. They are equipped with advanced trimming systems to adjust the sails as efficiently as possible and generally include one or more trapezes to increase the crew's recoil torque. Finally, they are increasingly equipped with foils to further improve their performance. Coastal raid sport catamaran: This practice consists of sailing for several days along the coast and stopping on beaches to spend the night. The sport catamaran is ideal for this because you can easily dock and take advantage of the trampoline stretched between the hulls to set up a camping tent. You can choose between single-seater sport catamarans and those that can carry several people (usually two). On the single-seater models, the helmsman is alone and has to control the boat's direction and trim the sails. This is why these boats are usually equipped with only one mainsail. To be able to sail properly, the helmsman must be experienced. Most multi-crew sport catamarans are designed to carry two adults on board and are called double-handed catamarans. The sail plan is more advanced with a mainsail, jib and sometimes a spinnaker, which means that this type of boat offers more tuning possibilities. Leisure catamarans can sometimes carry three adults or two adults and two children.

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