Mauritius photo of Pathway near natural terraced earth at 7 Cascades

Pathway near natural terraced earth at 7 Cascades

Photography by Photographer Kurt François
690 views  /  Date taken : Sun, Jan 30 2022
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Through the woods, down to the first cascade. How to reach 7 Cascades ? The starting point is on Henrietta road at the Indian temple, a bit after the Henrietta bus station. On the right, follow the electric posts along the cane field. At the post n°424, take the path slightly to the left, then go down it (yellow and white paint markings; even red; on the trees). At the top of the first waterfall, the path continues on the other side of the bank. At the first fork in the road (a few meters after), turn right immediately to go under the waterfall. For the rest of the hike, the path is on the right side of the stream/falls. When you reach the 4th waterfall, the return path is on the right and climbs steeply. Turn right at the fork (about 30-50m from the waterfall), you will end up on the starting cane field but at the level of the electric post n°430. If you turn left at the fork, you continue the hike for the other waterfalls.

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