Mauritius photo of Mangroves in Case Noyale lagoon

Mangroves in Case Noyale lagoon

Photography by Photographer Desire Lilyman
131 views  /  Date taken : Mon, Apr 18 2022
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The mangrove is a plant formation of the intertropical coasts, constituted by the association of arborescent or shrubby plants grouped under the term of mangroves and which develop in the zone of rocking of the tides (the foreshore). Colonizing a very constraining environment (hydromorphic substrate, periodic flooding, salinity ...), mangroves are characterized by their morphological adaptations (aerial roots, pneumatophores) or physiological (salt excreting glands). Mangroves have long been considered as inhospitable environments above all, but their usefulness is beginning to be recognized, both economically and ecologically. Mangroves are reservoirs of biodiversity and very useful environments for the protection of soils against erosion and for increasing fish production (shrimp and fish). They offer a reserve of wood for construction and heating as well as food for many village communities. Mauritius is known for its preservation of mangroves as they actively participate against coastal erosion.

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