Mauritius photo of Ile aux Benitiers panorama & aerial view

Ile aux Benitiers panorama & aerial view

Photography by Photographer Grey Fox
589 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Jun 02 2022
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Discover the Ile aux Bénitiers, located in the southwest of Mauritius, inside the lagoon. This island offers you a white sand beach and transparent water. 2 kilometers long and 500 meters wide, the Ile aux Bénitiers welcomes you in a paradisiacal setting and shelters a coconut plantation. From Black River on the west coast, you will sail to Tamarin Bay where you will have great chances to observe dolphins in their natural environment. The dolphins that can be seen in Tamarin Bay are Spinner Dolphins, which have the particularity of turning on themselves when they jump (they can make up to 10 turns during a jump). Your cruise continues to the beautiful turquoise lagoon of Le Morne: you will discover the underwater life of the Indian Ocean by diving in the lagoon in front of Ile aux Bénitiers, located at the foot of the Morne Brabant mountain. Equipped with mask, fins and snorkel provided on board, you will discover the underwater fauna and flora of this region, a real paradise for snorkeling.

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