Mauritius photo of Sugar cane flowers illuminated by sun lights

Sugar cane flowers illuminated by sun lights

Photography by Photographer Saleem A Sam
106 views  /  Date taken : Mon, Aug 01 2022
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Lights from sunset reaching sugarcane flowers and brightening them. They seem like gold under the heavy clouds. These are rally sugar cane flowers. The sugar cane is almost mature at this time in Mauritius. When the flowers are there, it is time to harvest. The canes measure about 3 meters high during this season. It is said that everything is good in the pig but it is the same for the sugar cane: The yellow leaves (dry) are used for roofing and the green ones are used for animal feed. As for the cane it will become of course this famous fantastic muscovado sugar or rum. But it is not finished, the residues of cane after transformation into sugar or rum, what is called the bagasse is burned to provide energy.

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